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Need some help and advice re recovering from desexing

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Yakari Tue 06-Sep-16 13:46:20

I'll try and give the condensed version of the background as I really need some advice but want to explain why I'm so woefully unprepared
I live abroad, country doesn't have a great rep for dog owning but there is a very active rescue community in which it is very common practise to desex all dogs to avoid even more strays/abandoned pets. We've considering adopting for a while and at the weekend agreed to foster a year old dog with a view to adopt. She's gorgeous and whilst she started Sunday very timid then settled really well Monday and has just won us over. When I picked her up on Sunday they did ask me to take her to their vet Tuesday for a blood test. So I did that today and was then totally blindsided by the vet telling me she was actually booked in for her desexing operation. In hindsight I should have said no but I was just thrown (horrific journey there in heavy rainstorm, in a taxi where she vomited so I was just off guard). Anyway long story short, she had the op and we're back home.

But I'm just unprepared and unknowledgable. I've got her in the dining room on some clean sheets (she likes to sleep on the floor not a bed). She's coped well with the kids - we've done visiting hours and they've been told to leave her in peace (they're very worried for her but being super quiet and gentle). Of course we're still really strangers too her and I'm so sad this has happened so soon into having her.

So here are my questions
- she is pretty weak and won't stand up just wants to sleep. How long should I leave that til I worry?
- she hasn't wanted any water or maybe just doesn't feel like standing up to drink - can I give her water any other way? How long til I start worrying about dehydration?
- we're in the middle of rainy season by which I mean torrential monsoons! How do I walk her and keep the wound dry? I'm sure she'll have a few accidents in the house as she recovers (normally she is very well toilet trained) but ultimately I figure I need to keep up the routine of toilet outside?
- she has one of those big white cones for the next ten days - too sleepy to bother her now but I can see her hating it. Our house is full of stairs which she was only getting use to after being on a single floor so not sure how she'll cope with them and this cone.
- anything else I should know? I will call the centre and the vet back tomorrow now I've got my brain back on but I know many of you have lots of experience so advice gratefully received (it's almost 9pm here so if I don't respond it's just time zones as opposed to flouncing!)

BertrandRussell Tue 06-Sep-16 13:52:09

By desexing do you mean spaying? Because if so, you'll probably find that she recovers incredibly quickly- it's the anaesthetic that's affecting her now-once that wears of she'll probably be eating and drinking normally. I wouldn't worry about keeping the wound out of the rain. She will hate the cone though!

Yakari Tue 06-Sep-16 13:55:23

Yes spaying - which actually sounds nicer that desexing
I'm sure most of it is the anaesthetic and hope it wears off soon.
If I'd known it was happening I'd probably be calmer. Poor wee thing - new house, new family and then wham an operation

anxious123 Tue 06-Sep-16 14:08:08

Never had a dog spayed as I've always had males but certainly my last 2 male dogs took between 12 and 48 hours to return to normal from the anesthetic. By 12-18 hours both were drinking normally by 24 they were eating but still very dopey. They did both have a drink about 3 hours after they came home.

My main advice would be to keep her calm, let her sleep but keep an eye on her. Some dogs need human reassurance others just want space. Take your lead from her. Hope she recovers asap.

Yakari Tue 06-Sep-16 14:33:09

Thanks. Kids are in bed so I'm hanging out near by her and will go to bed shortly. Hopefully a good night will help and I've left water near by.

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