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If you have a retriever or other long-haired dog, what vaccum cleaner do you have?

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RingUpRingRingDown Tue 06-Sep-16 13:01:31

I'm (hopefully) about to rehome a retriever and also need a new vacuum cleaner. It needs to be able to cope with dog hair. My current Dyson is on its last legs and has been a huge disappointment so I don't want another of those. I've not had a shedding sort of dog before.

I know the Miele cat and dog is highly regarded, but will it cope with vast quantities of dog hair? Could imagine the bags alone would cost a small fortune.

Big house, lots of vacuuming needed, mixture of carpets and hard floors.

Hoppinggreen Tue 06-Sep-16 14:36:33

Retrievers are the best!!
I have a Dyson but all wooden floors downstairs ( dog not allowed upstairs)
The hair seems to collect in large tangled lumps in corners and I just pick it up a lot of the time

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