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Upcoming home check; scared!

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SparkleUK Sun 04-Sep-16 22:26:54

Hi all; first post so please bear with me!

I am having a home check for an overseas puppy this week. They are about 7 months old. I'm 23, OH is 25 and we are engaged and very soon to be married (everything is already planned, so no major changes or need for me to be dashing about anywhere!) I already have an 11 year old dog who thinks and still looks like a youngster; raising her from puppyhood, even when I was still quite young myself I wanted to do everything for her (oh how time flies!) I've always been around dogs as well as horses; so have no qualms about the commitment. Our girl has full run of the house but does sleep downstairs as would little one and I have researched puppy classes, the costs of our vet and also insurance.

We rent at the moment (looking to mortgage next year) but it's private rent through a family friend who gave the house to us for renting with no formal agreement in place so no 'formalities' so to speak. We have a good sized garden with fencing above 5 ft and a secure back gate. We never leave our girl in the garden unsupervised and it does back onto other gardens so no immediate road danger either. I do work 9-5 but I work a 5 minute drive from home, come home at lunch and OH works shifts so there would only be an hour - 2 hour max alone time and my work would be fine with me taking little one in with me; plus we also have very kind family always around!

Despite this, I am STILL stressing my head off about the check. I am worried they are going to go through every room in the home and find a reason to say no to us and I will have fallen in love with this little one for nothing; I so want it to be a success, or that my working hours will be an immediate no before we can explain the above! I have tried to research but obviously it may be a little different coming from overseas and having an independent UK organisation check us. Has anyone had any recent experience of home checks; what kind of things did they check, what questions did they ask etc? Many thanks and sorry for long post; just some background!

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