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Looking for family dog

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Wintsy Sat 27-Aug-16 19:22:05


Looking for advice on finding the best 'kind' of family dog. Have researched breeds, and tried rescue centres for non specific mixed breed pups. Many Tears rescue say that because I work (only 2 days a week) we can't adopt one of their pups. Even though my husband and a dog walker/extended family would ensure the pup wasn't left alone more than a couple of hours at a time on my working days, they feel consistency of care is needed for a rescue pup. I understand this, I know about attachment and bonding to the hilt, since our 6 year old son is an adopted child.

We had our first dog for 13 years and adopted him from Dogs Trust at 9 months age. Ironically, he was such a gem he would have been fine with children from the start (our son didn't come along until the dog was 11). However, we think that we do need to get as young a puppy as possible this time, in view of our son.

Our main problem seems to be locating a pup, (and deciding on predominant breed/cross). We did favour Labradors/cross however I'm not sure how well they will tolerate a couple of quieter days at home. The main criteria is that the dog can tolerate 2-3 hour periods alone on the 2 days I work and otherwise will enjoy the company of an active and noisy 6 year old lad. Our son is nevertheless gentle and sensitive with dogs.

We are based in Leeds and are prepared to travel. I'm wary of getting a dog through Internet site ads, however my contacts/vets don't know of any litters and local rescue centres don't have dogs young enough that they would place with a 6 year old child.

Thanks for reading. Would be dog owner!

tigertreats Sun 28-Aug-16 05:01:48

I have had a few breeds and the gentlest I have found was my border terrier cross.hes big enough to walk but little enough for most houses.
As a breed they don't have many inherited issues and he's a healthy happy chap.
He likes one half hour walk a day and longer at weekends and I think that's quite standard for the breed.
If you are leaving alone I'd encourage you to get two - not a lot of difference to you but massive for them.
Enjoy it's a fantastic time.

Thattimeofyearagain Sun 28-Aug-16 05:17:35

We have a lab cross and he is gentle, loving and does tolerate 3 hours home alone a couple of days a week. That said he neds 2 + hours exercise per day and was like a crocodile as a pup ( common lab trait)

We have a lab springer cross who is absolutely wonderful. If you're not dead set on a rescue pup then perhaps have a look for someone who works their dogs, that's how we found ours.
Lots of people are favouring that particular cross as a gundog at the moment, so we got the runt of a litter. The rest of her brothers and sisters are working dogs.

Because we've had her from a puppy she's fine being left, although my husband usually works from home and I'm only 3 miles away so come and walk her at lunch.

She's a great size, looks sort of like a 6ish month old lab puppy but is actually 3years and so gentle.

FeedMyFaceWithJaffaCakes Sun 28-Aug-16 06:29:27

Westie poo poo here.
3/4 toy poodle and 1/4 westie.
Very very good with children.
Like you I work 3 days a week and she's going to have a dog walker/sitter on those days. Very easy to house train/care for and mega affectionate and cute.
What more could you want?

HmmmHashtag Sun 28-Aug-16 07:10:33

And they wonder why there's so many dogs in shelters... hmm Why do they make it so difficult to adopt?! I appreciate they want the dogs to go to a very good home but not letting you adopt because you work 2 days is madness.

GinIsIn Sun 28-Aug-16 07:24:54

A lab or a staffie would be the perfect partner for a boisterous 6 year old, and are both breeds known for being awesome with children. The trouble with choosing a dog who will gel well with a bouncy child is they are more likely to need more exercise - is that sown thing you would be happy to commit to?

Florin Sun 28-Aug-16 07:33:27

We have a working cocker which we picked to be a playmate to our little boy and it has worked brilliantly. Wonderful dog and such a nice size. We have just got our second and talking about a third-they are a bit addictive! If you get two don't get them together, look up litter mate syndrome.

phillipp Sun 28-Aug-16 07:59:15

We had the same problem. We have always had spaniels, huge garden, I am home all day, loads of walks etc.

Even breed rescues would consider us because of Ds age. Local Dogs trust said they technically would but never get dogs in that they would feel safe letting go to a home with small children. All the rescues said we were perfect except for Ds age.

We now have a 20 week old sprocker. We got her from a local farmer who was breeding his sprockers to keep a couple to train up as gun dogs and I believe the others have all gone to homes that will train them as gun dogs. Our pup will be a family dog, but we will be doing agility training with her from around one year old. Dd loves agility competitions and entered them with previous dogs and her nanas dog.

She is great with the kids, been easy to train (including toilet training). Loves cuddles, loves playing, loves going for walks (although short at the moment) . She is the perfect family pet.

On the odd occasion I have to work away from home, I have organised it so she is alone for about 1.5 hours on a morning. Then I come back, feed her, walk her, have a play and a cuddle (about 2 hours) and then go out again. Leaving her for another 1-5-2 hours.

I have a neighbour who is a dog walker than comes and spends time with her and is happy to add her on to a walk if I ever have to be gone more than a couple of hours. I also have a lady who looks after dogs in her own home. We used her for previous dogs when we went on holiday and she is happy to have her for the odd day here and there. Again, we have visited the woman and her house a fair few times since we got dpup so she is happy and familiar with it.

As she gets older, she will need time for good walks, which is a big commitment.

CMOTDibbler Sun 28-Aug-16 08:52:15

Have a look at EGLR - if you go on their FB page they have some lovely 4 month olds in at the moment, and they are very flexible.
My lurchers are very active when life calls for it, and snore when it doesn't - and love ds very, very much!

Hoppinggreen Sun 28-Aug-16 09:52:26

We tried the rescue route but eventually gave up and bought a Golden Retriever pup.
You could also try a failed guide dog but I'm not sure of their criteria

samsam123 Tue 30-Aug-16 22:39:59

or try Dali Dog rescue in Cyprus - Last Chance rescue - there are so many rescue charities on FB . I got mine through Dali and he is a Jura Hound and absolutely gorgeous.

mrslaughan Wed 31-Aug-16 10:23:02


startingtolooklikemother Wed 31-Aug-16 16:10:38

Pug!!! My DS is 5 and they are bombproof, low maintenance and such loving dogs, so funny as well

Gowgirl Wed 31-Aug-16 16:13:53

Find hope for perrera dogs on facebook, speak to Suzanne bouffler, she is near you and always looking for adopters.

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