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I don't like my dog

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AssamAssa Sat 27-Aug-16 15:26:28

sad I feel so bad but I need to say this somewhere.
He's 3, a proper livewire, bouncy, always 'on', barks at the door, can't relax always whining - unless he's barged his way onto my lap and then staring me in the face (which I don't like obviously so he goes straight down) he's only happy at that point
He gets 2 walks a day, one long 2 hour walk in the morning with my other (calm) dog and 3 or 4 others. He spends his whole time jumping up at the other dogs confused rather than enjoying our forest walk. Oh and he whines in the car, I like to take them to the beach and variety of places but the whining drives me mad. I've tried agility classes, I've tried walking him on my own, I work at home so I'm here all the time he's not short of attention.
The only thing I think im doing different/wrong?? is that I'm not the type of dog owner who allows my dogs everywhere - they're not allowed upstairs and definitely not on the bed! Im sure most likely disagree with me but I don't allow my dogs on the sofa or on my lap, I love dogs I really do but 1, I don't want the extra cleaning and 2, I want to be in charge I don't want dogs who take over. This has worked so far with all the dogs I've owned but this one just whines all the time sad I haven't had to do more than basic training with my other dogs regarding behaviours like jumping up but he just persists on and on despite me trying all sorts. I'm especially annoyed today because my mum came over who's had a hip op & first thing he bloody did was run & jump up at her
Help! or not, I just need to write it down because I feel so unkind saying it outloud. He's a mini poodle and everyone always oo's and ahh's at him when we're out but I just don't love him blush

Flum Sat 27-Aug-16 15:28:55

Can you try to get him re homed? I don't let my dogs upstairs or n beds or furniture or any of that either! Can you afford to send him away to be trained.. If don't want to rehome?

TheCrowFromBelow Sat 27-Aug-16 15:30:41

🐩Poodles are utility dogs (I think!) and like to be useful. You might find teaching him some tricks to keep him busy helps - might not make him less needy but a bit less whiny. Find is a good one as they have to go off away from you grin
Can you give him some "tasks" while you are walking like asking him to find a ball, fetch something, go ahead and wait?

AssamAssa Sat 27-Aug-16 15:30:59

No I couldn't do that, he's my problem! Though I'm most likely the problem aren't I, maybe he needs an owner that snuggles him all the time confused I don't know perhaps I'm not right for him. I don't know what to do

AssamAssa Sat 27-Aug-16 15:33:28

He won't run after a ball unless another dog is running (for a ball iyswim!)
I've read a few dog psychology books & I think he's whining some of the time out of excitement (like in the car) he also still wees out of excitement 😩

HandbagCrazy Sat 27-Aug-16 15:42:55

Has he been neutered? That can really calm down an over excited dog.

I wonder if some of this is your anxiety that he's picking up on?

He sounds like hard work and by wanting to be around you all the time and sit on your lap, like he's trying to dominate you. I have one of these (but he's a mini dog, tiny and cute). The only thing that works is consistent rules.
1 - he doesn't go upstairs
2 - sofa only when invited
3 - whining doesn't get you anything
4 - being calm gets rewards
5 - he isn't allowed to sit staring at my dinner when I eat
Sometimes it's hard because I know he's happiest on my lap but that isn't what's best for him, because then he's the boss and that's stressful for a dog.

Are you the only person who walks him? If yes, can you share it with someone else?

Also, I didn't see in your OP, did you say he was a poodle?

TrionicLettuce Sat 27-Aug-16 15:43:23

Some dogs need teaching how to calm the fuck down!!

This video by Kikopup about encouraging calm behaviour is excellent. It's also worth having a look through her other videos, she covers things like jumping up and baring at the door.

I'd also recommend this free ebook. I got it on a whim (because it was free!!) and it's actually really good.

It sounds like he could do with some stuff to keep his brain occupied. A very simple thing you can do is not just feeding him from a bowl but using something like a snuffle mat, food dispensing toys (like the Kong Wobbler or similar, there are endless different types) or even just chucking it around the garden so he has to actually go find it. 101 things to do with a box is great for getting them thinking, mine absolutely love playing it and some of the stuff they come up with is hilarious!! Trick training is also good, or teaching him to perform tasks like putting his toys away and such.

LilCamper Sat 27-Aug-16 16:57:19

He doesn't sound like a bad dog, just a completely untrained one!

pigsDOfly Sat 27-Aug-16 18:46:18

You say he's a mini poodle, so a small dog.

A two hour walk in one go for a small dog seems rather a lot, are you sure you're not over exercising him and therefore not giving him the opportunity to learn to wind down?

He sounds stressed, wound up and always on alert. I wonder if less physical exercise and more brain work would work for him, tire him out in a different way and encourage him to be calmer.

doubleristretto Sat 27-Aug-16 20:50:11

I have felt like that about my dog in the past. It's ok, don't feel bad, you're allowed to say it out loud! Can you put him in a boarding kennel for a week or so? Give you both a break and start again, refreshed. What breeds are your other dogs? Love to you and and hope your mum's OK.

takesnoprisoners Sun 28-Aug-16 08:14:54

He is overexercised, and is not trained well. Plus your 'I will be in charge' attitude probably sets him on edge. I suggest rehoming. He may thrive with a less fierce person.

Chihuahualala Sun 28-Aug-16 11:51:23

I didn't like my Border Collie much until she was about 3. She was my xh's idea.

Then one day she just suddenly changed and calmed down. She was lovely

I still miss her (I kept her post divorce and she lived til she was 14)

Deadnettle Sun 28-Aug-16 15:07:13

I have a mini poodle too but yours sounds very different to mine!

Can I ask what breeds your other dogs are? I have found my poodle to be very different to my previous dogs.

Like pp have said I think your poodle is overexercised and undertrained. Although whining and jumping up seem to be poodle traits to some degree.

You say that your poodle is only happy on your lap, so is mine. Mini poodles are lap dogs, they want attention from their people, they want cuddles. My poodles favourite place is right next to me, she doesn't care what we are doing as long as she is right there with me. Tbh it doesn't sound like a poodle is your kind of dog.

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