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How would your dog deal with an intruder?

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rubbishbin Sat 27-Aug-16 00:00:32

Mine would try to play fetch with them...

BabyGanoush Sat 27-Aug-16 00:02:11

Mine would lick his hand and be excited and pleased ..

micemicebabies Sat 27-Aug-16 00:03:40

Dance around their feet before flopping onto her back and looking at them with puppy eyes, or lick them in the face if they were down at her level. My only hope is that an intruder would mistake her galloping towards them and jumping up as aggression and run away rather than continuing to break in!

CharminglyGawky Sat 27-Aug-16 00:04:59

She is a total softy but has a very loud bark, I think if anyone broke in it would be very very noisy!

candykane25 Sat 27-Aug-16 00:05:41

I think CandyDog would growl at them until they started to play with her and the shed roll over for a belly tickle.

SomeDaysIDontGiveAMonkeys Sat 27-Aug-16 00:09:47

Bark very very loudly until they gave him a ball grin

EssentialHummus Sat 27-Aug-16 00:13:56

Wee, fall over. His predecessor slept through a burglary confused

CatThiefKeith Sat 27-Aug-16 00:15:44

Bark loudly, Lick them

Unless they ventured into dd's Room, then there might be bloodshed.

CalmYaTits Sat 27-Aug-16 00:17:55

He would scare them off by humping their leg.

Booboopidoo Sat 27-Aug-16 00:19:51

Mine was only 6 months old at the time and it happened the night he'd come home from the vets after being castrated poor boy. He was so scared he wedged himself into the tiny gap up the side of the tumble dryer and refused to come out even when they'd gone sad

BittyWanter Sat 27-Aug-16 00:20:25

What's an "intruder"?

Isn't everyone a plaything ?

--(She'll lick you to death edits you cause damage)
Shit guard dog

AyeAmarok Sat 27-Aug-16 00:20:55

Bark continuously.

Until the intruder gave him a treat.

legotits Sat 27-Aug-16 00:22:03

Depends if Legopoodle woke up.

fieldfare Sat 27-Aug-16 00:46:29

Bark, growl and show them his teeth.
He's a rescue and family are to be adored, slobbered on, laid upon and generally act the fool with (except my sister?!). Good friends are to be fussed, expect treats from and then left alone unless they may have leftovers. Irregular visitors will be sniffed and then ignored. Children are exempt from this - he loves children and is so well behaved with them.
Anyone venturing in unannounced and Unknown = guard dog mode.

Smurfit Sat 27-Aug-16 00:57:58

Jump around yapping and after about 30s of this, she would then try to get them to play with her. But she weighs less than most cats so aside from waking me up, she'd me useless.

HarrietSchulenberg Sat 27-Aug-16 01:00:12

Sniff them, bounce about and wag his tail.

Unless the intruder is a cat on his fence, then he will bark and bounce until told to stop or the intruder buggers off.

mmmuffins Sat 27-Aug-16 01:01:16

Bark loudly until the intruder is in reaching distance, from then the intruder will be mauled with cuddles.

AlcoChocs Sat 27-Aug-16 09:08:20

Our soppy playful lab, who loves everyone and hardly ever barks really surprised us. He turned into a fierce guard dog when someone tried to break into the house via utility room, where he sleeps.
He was snarling and barking, baring teeth and hackles were up, flinging himself against the door, I really think he'd have attacked the would-be burglar given the chance. Couldn't believe the transformation.

tabulahrasa Sat 27-Aug-16 09:12:00

Just to put this into perspective my dog has to be muzzled to go for a walk, never gets to meet new people without a lengthy introduction period and there's only one vet in the world allowed (by him) to examine him and even then only sometimes. His entire life is a military style management to make sure people are safe from him.

When we had intruders...he did nothing.

JenLindleyShitMom Sat 27-Aug-16 09:14:16

Trip them over. By not waking from his almost permanent snooze grin

I know this because one day my friend came in through my back door (we never used that door) wearing a humongous coat and scarf round her face and he didn't even stir. She had to step over him.

dudsville Sat 27-Aug-16 09:15:37

It depends on my reaction. Once I let someone into the house to do some work upstairs. My dogs were out at the time. They'd come back and we were cuddling downstairs when the man came down and my back was to him so I didn't react . One dog hid and the other made a surprised single woof. Anyone who they see me open the door to however gets greeted with lots of what can only be described as pure joy.

Caipora Sat 27-Aug-16 09:19:38

Labrador has a mean sounding bark but he'd probably greet them with his enthusiastic tail. German Shepherd I think might bite if there's a threat. Miniture pinscher would go for the legs without a second thought.

Greyhorses Sat 27-Aug-16 09:20:14

Whenever someone comes into ours my little GSD runs up barks and circles them hence why she is locked away! She would hide most likley but would bite if they touched her.

Gsd 2 would bark, wee on the floor and get some toys out to show said intruder confused

WaitrosePigeon Sat 27-Aug-16 09:22:34

Barks when door is knocked, once person comes in runs off scared grin

NoCapes Sat 27-Aug-16 09:24:05

If they came in through a window she would bark and yap and growl like a mad thing (although run away and cry if they actually came near her)

If they came in through a door you'd be lucky if she woke up

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