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Dog aggression

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ChairRider4 Fri 26-Aug-16 11:47:14

What or who would be responsorible if I had to let go of my dog as he was being lunged/attacked at by another one

Mine was on lead walking back to car after being in country park (she was heading in with her dog ) and another lab came across about 8 foot of road pulling owner lunging at mine owner saying oh it's because she on lead .Dog kept trying get at mine good 4/5 lunges full on teeth no warning

Who had run and hid other side of my wheelchair so out of reach of other dog but I nearly had to drop lead as was at risk being pulled out my wheelchair as my poor boy just wanted get away no relatation no growling or barking (luckily I could hold him even though arm gone round my back (I drive my powerchair other hand so could not switch hands quick enough

But if mine had bolted due to hers abs got hurt etc would I been held responsible ?

Oh and apparently I should not yelled get your bloody dog under control

ChairRider4 Fri 26-Aug-16 11:58:57

Sorry should add I can normally hold my boy without a problem (he does not pull ) but have had to hold him after a cat spat at him and he was not impressed

This was more as he ran round my chair

2kids2dogsnosense Tue 30-Aug-16 19:49:04

Had your dog run into the road and caused an accident, i honestly don't know who would have got the blame - I suspect that this stupid woman would have just buggered off and you would have been left with the bill.

However, as you say, her dog is NOT under control! Just because it's on a lead doesn't mean that it's safe she hasn't the physical strength to hold it back. If her dog doesn't like being on the lead, doesn't like other dogs and doesn't behave when told, she really needs to get the biddy thing to training classes and learn how to handle it. Oh - and get a muzzle and a head collar to reduce the pulling and stop any biting.

Some people think that they can do what they like and it just ins't right.

I hope you've not had anymore problems with her.

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