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Doggy day care- what do I need to think about?

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90daychallenger Thu 25-Aug-16 12:38:09

In a few weeks I'll be getting my kitchen done. My nervous rescue will hate it so I'm looking at putting her into some kind of day care for the time when the builders will be in.

I'd prefer it if my dog went to a pet sitter individual person rather than a big creche type of set-up.

My dog is semi-housetrained (she wees overnight but not in the day in the house), she's great with other dogs but a bit nervous of new people and new environments.

I'd like to introduce her to the pet sitter slowly rather than just dump her off there one day.

Although I've had lots of dogs, this is the first time I've thought about using a day care type of service so I'm a bit naive.

What do I need to do, look out for, ask, be aware of?


KittyBeans72 Fri 26-Aug-16 11:10:04

have a look at Dog Buddy. I found a lovely lady through them. my pooch would go and stay with her for the whole day at her place and he loved it.

we started with me going there with him for a bit, then we'd all walk together, then eventually I left him there for short bursts, working up to leaving him for the whole day. we did it fairly slowly (over a week). he eventually ADORED her, to the point that my DH went to get him one time and couldn't get our dog past the end of her road. The sitter had to come out and walk them both home.

You really need to go with instinct - if you and your dog like someone when you first meet, that's a good start.

90daychallenger Fri 26-Aug-16 12:11:04

KittyBeans Thank you for your reply. It's funny that you mentioned DogBuddy because I found that website yesterday and it's actually what made me post here! There's a woman around the corner from me who's on it who looks great. Like you have done, I'd build my dog up to it.

I always like a 'go with your gut' response grin

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