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Oh, he makes me laugh!

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insan1tyscartching Sat 20-Aug-16 19:31:01

Eric knows a ridiculous number of words. I read somewhere dogs could know up to 150 and I think Eric is probably getting there now. Some of them are prompts for tricks but some are just there for the effect and Eric's reaction. So now Bake Off is back Eric will beg to be voted star baker so he goes round dd's and myself begging on his hind legs until we agree he is star baker and then we get the victory dance.
Another word that gets a reaction is baboon, he hates it for some reason probably because we laughed when dd told him he had a bum like a baboon after the groomer was a bit over zealous round his back end.
This morning we were chatting and of course Eric likes to be in the midst and involved. One after the other the dc's slipped the word baboon into what they were saying which makes Eric whine, after a couple of rounds he came to me whining and signalling he wanted to be picked up as if to say "tell them to stop it now" grin
Never knew dogs could be so entertaining.

takesnoprisoners Mon 22-Aug-16 08:13:41

Aww. He sounds like a real fun dude. smile Mine(Oz) knows and reacts to a few as well. I was on the phone with MIL and told her that there is nothing on the telly except for swimming and Oz ran away and came back with his towel and harness to go swimming!

He hates cats and he is always barking like a maniac when he sees one. My niece was visiting and she was spelling out a few words and went C A T -Cat And oz lost it! He went beserk barking and looking for a cat. It was so funny.

Dakota1 Mon 22-Aug-16 09:27:43

That sure sounds hilarious smile

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