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Marbles589 Fri 19-Aug-16 08:37:14

Hi guys. Just wanted some friendly advice and clarification.
I have a year old parson jack Russell terrier. He is the most loving friendly little man.
His favourite thing ever is chasing and catching rabbits. Where i live there are many rabbits and i have got the land owners permission to catch them.
Once caught he takes them straight home.
I let him have the head raw he loves this and eats it. (Yum yum)
I then skin and prepare the rest of the rabbit and i cook it up for him to eat.
My question is... can the rabbit skull cause him any internal problems. You hear all the time the dangers of chicken bones and splinters.
Secondly he some times catches rabbits with mixi. I don't let him take these home.would it hurt him if he ate one?
Sorry if this grosses some of you out but i believe my dog has an amazing skill and it is obviously inbread in him and he loves it so much plus it keeps the rabbit population down and they don't go to waste.
Thank you.

weaselwords Fri 19-Aug-16 08:53:08

I think he's ok eating rabbits with myxi as its rabbit specific. Foxes must eat them all the time. And their heads.

As an aside, something had a phase of just eating the heads off squirrels and leaving their corpses in my back garden. It also got our bunny sad. I am fairly convinced it was next doors dog, as it was in the garden when we found the headless bunny. That lived to about 15.

WyldFyre Fri 19-Aug-16 11:47:10

It's cooked chicken bones that splinter.
As for myxi I would take no chances

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