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How much do mobile groomers charge?

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MummyBtothree Thu 18-Aug-16 16:59:46

Our rescued Border Collie has a very long coat and although I groom him every day I'm thinking of getting him professionally groomed every now and then. Does anybody have any idea of how much I can expect to pay?. Thanks.

takesnoprisoners Sat 20-Aug-16 06:58:52

£20-£30? Our mobile groomer has a loyalty card system. 5 grooms and the 6th is free smile

dudsville Sat 20-Aug-16 09:25:25

We have a mobile groomer come every two months. I can brush but can't bathe ours so this really helps. It costs £35 -£40 per dog and takes nearly 3 hours in total. I think it's expensive but I don't drive drive, the walk to nearest groomer is 25 min each way, I'd then have to sit around, and it's a noisy environment whereas with the mobile groomer my dogs get the same lovely person who does the whole job herself, no waiting around.

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