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Golden Retriever pup - what would you do? V ill.

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NicInBetween Tue 16-Aug-16 16:49:43

I'm starting a new thread as lots of developments since my thread nearly a week ago. For background -
Cassie has been and is still fighting. Lost a ton of weight but despite 2 surgeries and still no known cause to peritonitis/pancreatitis she has brightened gradually, taking v little walks and is lapping some water (not eating though, and she's taking liquid food through a syringe). Importantly, her bowls are moving again (so, sorry about TMI, but liquid diarrhoea). I saw her this morning and she walked over to me (she was having a little time out from her kennel!) and was brighter and more alert than the previous day.

However, there was bad news. She has 'moderate' anaemia, and she is jaundiced. Blood test showed liver enzymes and liver-something-else. Thankfully, this morning we had confirmation that the insurance company will cover it (we have full life cover). So we're going on vet's recommendation that she be referred to specialists. So tomorrow we transfer Cassie to a state of the art vet surgery in Solihull. It's difficult as we can't continue indefinitely but she's brighter every day and i do feel we should match her own fight to live! Difficult when at least 2 family members feel we should have put her down days ago sad

Anyway, i'm posting to see if anyone has any experience of this sort of thing. What can i expect? And 'what would you do'?

Noitsnotteatimeyet Wed 17-Aug-16 13:35:04

I've not had much experience of serious illness in animals but have had plenty of occasions when accidents or misadventures have meant my animals ending up at specialist vet hospitals

She's in the best place for now - as she's covered by insurance you're in the good position of not having to make decisions based on cost so see what the specialists say.

If she's fighting, personally I'd want to know that I'd done my best for her

Good luck

NicInBetween Wed 17-Aug-16 14:01:15

Thank you, that helps. I do feel we're doing the best for her. She's in the specialist vet clinic now and they have done scans and found she has abnormal blood vessels in the liver which could be the root of this. Awaiting further test results. She's a little brighter today.

picklesanne Wed 17-Aug-16 17:40:53

Thinking of you, sounds hopeful if she seems a little better. At least she's getting the best care possible, fingers crossed. X

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