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Dropping to one meal a day.

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TheGiantSausage Mon 15-Aug-16 14:52:17

I have a 3 yo rescue dog, she's lovely. Had her for 4 months ish now and she's perfectly settled and happy.
The only issue seems to be her food, she has days where she eats everything in one go but more often than not she doesn't bother with her breakfast at all and just eats her evening meal.
I don't think she's ill or anything, she seems fine in herself and more than happy to accept cheese/chicken/anything that isn't her food, she just seems a bit fussy about her food.
I've tried several different foods: dry and wet and different brands. She just seems unfussed in the mornings.
She isn't underweight, a little over if anything.
I'm just wondering about just giving her one bigger meal a day at teatime instead of two, is this something you can just do or do some breeds specifically need two meals/any other issues I may not have thought of...
Many thanks in advance.

Darklane Mon 15-Aug-16 15:19:12

A lot depends on how big she is. Small dogs like the toy breeds really need two meals a day as their stomachs are smaller, hard to digest all they need in one go. But bigger breeds can manage quite happily on one meal.
If she only wants one meal, isn't underweight & it suits your routines, hers & yours, try it & see how it goes.
She might want just a small something at the other end of the day, a few biscuits or something she likes.

JenLindley Mon 15-Aug-16 15:22:14

I would try portioning out her daily intake into little portions and giving it in lots of small meals spread through the day rather than one large meal a day.

TheGiantSausage Mon 15-Aug-16 18:28:53

Thanks both. She's a Bassett hound and the trouble is, I'm wasting a lot of food because she just doesn't touch it and then I'm not keen for her to eat the same food that's been sat out all day so I end up getting rid and giving her fresh. I'll try giving her smaller portions. I've heard of something called bloat (the twisted stomach thing) which I think is more likely if they just have one meal but I'm not sure at all so just didn't want to drop it and risk her health.
I think she's just really fussy. Would love to live off a diet of chicken, ham and cheese hmm

JenLindley Mon 15-Aug-16 18:31:18

Me too! grin

You can also work her intake into her training so that she is getting some of her food as rewards rather than boring old served in her dish for her to turn her nose up at grin

GreyHare Tue 16-Aug-16 10:34:52

My dogs weren't fussed about breakfast but then they sometimes threw up bile because they had empty tummies, so I just give them a small snackette for breakfast, like a biscuit, or rodeo twist thing, just sometimes to stop the rumbly tum and then they have a main meal in the evening.

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