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Pet insurance

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bluebird3 Thu 04-Aug-16 11:16:14

Hi, hoping someone can help. I had an 11 week old mini schnauzer and am looking into pet insurance. I'm so confused! What kind of cover do I need? Are any companys more/less reputable? How much should I be looking to spend. Please help! Thanks.

foreverandalways Thu 04-Aug-16 11:33:28

I also need help....this is an absolute mind field!! To say the least......what to cover, lifetime...ongoing etc etc.....rescued 10month old pedigree pug two weeks ago.....important to insure, concerned about securing the best cover...

ChairRider4 Thu 04-Aug-16 12:39:52

Make sure have lifetime cover and at least seven thousand. Lifetime cover means that long as carry on paying monthly fees that they will carry on covering any conditions diagnosed

Means at 12 month renewal they likely refuse any issues that treated previously

With a pug I look at 12 thousand

MuttsNutts Thu 04-Aug-16 12:45:22

You need lifetime cover for a reasonable amount as vet fees can be astronomical.

Have a look at Animal Friends - I (or rather my dog) has been with them for a good few years now. They are very reasonably priced compared to other companies and have paid out quickly the couple of times I have had to make a claim.

He looks absolutely gorgeous - I love mini schnauzers! smile

scotchbunny Thu 04-Aug-16 14:14:40

I researched quite a lot and yes a minefield. I have just insured our 11 week old pup through compare the market and went with John Lewis. £24 a month for their premium life cover which insures up to £12000. You can get much cheaper or much more, I wanted peace of mind for the first year and this seems a good policy for the price.

bluebird3 Thu 04-Aug-16 20:19:27

Thanks everyone. I'll go with the lifetime cover and check around comparison sites.

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