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Cats and Dogs

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Mjingaxx Wed 03-Aug-16 18:17:44

Our cat moved in about 5 years ago, she is probably 6-7 years old

We got a puppy 8 weeks ago

I was expecting it to take time but the cat is not coming round at all.

She comes in to eat and she sleep upstairs (dog is not allowed upstairs) on the bed at at night. But mostly she sits in next doors garden or miaows at their door to be let in.

In the very beginning the pup chased her whilst I was distracted. But the other occasions they have come face to face, the dog just looks at her. The cat hisses and runs away

I feel really bad for the cat. Any ideas?

Mjingaxx Thu 04-Aug-16 08:46:59

Anyone have any experience of this?

Bellatrixandstrange Thu 04-Aug-16 12:34:10

I have two cats and a dog, from when he was a puppy. The cats hated him when he moved in and he chased and scared them. This went on until we moved house to somewhere much bigger. When in the bigger house the cats picked their separate bedrooms and the dog wasn't allowed upstairs. Now they have their own safe area the cats are so much more confident. They tell him off and he is scared of them. The only advice I have is to give the cat safe space and lots of time. It took us two years to get to this point. Good luck!

BagelGoesWalking Thu 04-Aug-16 12:37:10

From reading other threads (no first-hand experience), I think you can expect it to take longer than 8 weeks. Puppy will gradually calm down and hopefully, not be so annoying. Cat will realise that puppy is there to stay and get used to it.

Can you put up stairgates that would stop the puppy from being able to get so close to the cat? Have you got any high places the cat can access and be away from the dog - apart from going upstairs?

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Thu 04-Aug-16 12:53:09

it really depends on individual cats and dogs

we have had numerous pups and stranger type dogs in the house, and it used to go as follows

old cat would move upstairs and only come down to flaunt himself in front of dogs once they were settled after many weeks, not averse to swiping dog in passing, but not confident to stand his ground

younger cats, one like to rule with a Paw Of Power....she would face down a bouncy puppy and dole out justice, but no niceness. Recently though she has kissed both dogs, she is ten and they are 7 and 9 so we presume that a truce has been called.

the other cat actively seeks out the pups and will make friends, will play with them, share their food, teach them cat manners and he made really really good friends with one pup we had, they would cosy together!

Because we have had so many puppy encounters we generally let them sort themselves out, but with a grown dog we really make sure the dog is restrained and the cat sets the pace

Keep the dog's attention on you as much as possible, reward for stillness, and looking at you/away from the cat and make sure the cat has an easy escape and safe place.

Mjingaxx Thu 04-Aug-16 13:27:01

Thanks for your replies. It has given me some hope. We have a stair gate, upstairs belongs to the cat. But she doesn't just hang out, like she used to. She is only in for food and sleep. The dog is shut in the front room at night so she has free range with no fear. Some days I feel like she is getting more confident, but it's not consistent

tondelaya can I ask you in particular...I was going to adopt the puppy's granny who needs a new home. We wanted 2 dogs all along to keep each other company. I didn't want 2 pups or an adult with unknown history. So, this would be perfect for us. Do you think this would drive the cat over the edge. This adult dog is coming from a house with 2 cats where the dogs and cats have lived together as friends...sleeping together etc. It might be good?

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