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Eric.....any thoughts before we book to see the vet?

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insan1tyscartching Thu 28-Jul-16 18:21:42

Eric has been groomed today, I had warned them that he has been really itchy and although we hadn't seen any fleas he'd been treated with Advocate but was still really itchy.
Went to pick him up and they had checked his skin, there were no fleas and they couldn't see any sign of him having had fleas either, no bites, no poo etc but they had found a patch of discoloured hairless skin underneath his ear that they advised we should see a vet about. He had so much hair that we hadn't seen it and the groomers didn't see it until they'd clipped him.
So any thoughts as to what it might be? it's about 1cm by 2cm various shades of brown/possibly black and there's a lump. There's no bleeding, no discharge, it's painless to touch because Eric isn't bothered by it at all.It's not ringworm and I'm pretty sure he's not been nipped by his friends because he squeals loudly at any rough housing and I can't remember there being any incidents in ages and the longest it could have been there is six weeks since his last clip . Eric is still itchy though although he isn't scratching there it's under his belly and the base of his tail where he's scratching. He's eating as normal and as lively as ever so no changes in his behaviour.
Obviously he's going to see the vet but some reassurance that it's not going to be something awful would be much appreciated.

insan1tyscartching Thu 28-Jul-16 18:24:10

not ringworm according to the groomer and I've googled and it doesn't look like it could be that.

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