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How can we stop her doing this?

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Deadnettle Fri 22-Jul-16 09:59:19

For the last few weeks ddog has been banging on her crate door all night, and as her crate is in the bedroom its disturbing our sleep. She bangs on the crate door because she wants out, previously she did it because she needed the loo, now its because she wants on our bed or the loo.

If we move her crate out of the room she screams like a banshee, plus she often needs the loo in the night so we do need to be able to hear her. We have considered changing to a plastic crate that makes less noise but she panics when she can't see well and the last time we tried that was traumatic for her. She can defeat the puppy pen and stair gates in seconds so they are not an option.

I really don't want her to sleep in the bed with us, and she isn't trustworthy loose yet anyway.

Any ideas? The lack of sleep is really getting to us. So far we have been ignoring her and then feeling guilty when she clearly needed the loo like at 5 this morning

foreverandalways Fri 22-Jul-16 10:08:06

Don't cage. It's time and patience....dogs like company. Possibly another dog and put them into a room together to sleep. A cage when the dog can see and smell you is pointless and stressful for the dog. Try a small cushion dog bed by your bedside and teach to stay. Good luck.

Deadnettle Fri 22-Jul-16 10:29:29

It is our intention for her to have a bed in our room when she is older but like I said she is not trustworthy around the house yet and as it costs 80 quid each time she eats something she shouldn't, I'm not about to let her have free access to even one room without supervision yet.

Also, ddog has been perfectly fine in her crate next to our bed until a few weeks ago, she's not remotely stressed in it, she just wants on the bed. This only started because I had surgery and she napped with me and discovered how nice it was.

ElenaSummer Fri 22-Jul-16 18:20:56

Same situation except dear pup always been the same and I don't mind her in the bed but DH does .

If only we had a spare room for DH to move into hmm

Deadnettle Fri 22-Jul-16 19:50:53

Where does your dog sleep Elena if you and your DH don't agree with each other about the bed?

Neither of us want ddog to sleep on the bed all night. I don't mind cuddles but I don't think I would sleep well with ddog on the bed as I would aways be waking up to check she's still there or that we've not squashed her.

ElenaSummer Fri 22-Jul-16 21:59:04

DH was the same with the DC - proclaimed he didn't want them to share but in reality whatever gets him the most sleep he gives in during the night so until now she has settled in crate until around 2am and them goes mad and wont settle unless she comes into bed . DH has begrudgingly accepted as he sleeps through it all , its only me that hears it so to be fair to him as he wont get up he doesn't mind her coming into the bed then.

I am a very light sleeper and couldnt sleep well with the DC in the bed however the dog is great she snuggles in and isnt a problem.

She settles in the crate during the day ok so long as she can see us so that is what I am working on at the moment first.

None of which is helpful to solving the problem! sad

As your ddog was happy before I guess you need to keep trying and they will be ok again.

Deadnettle Sat 23-Jul-16 11:58:56

My dog does the same as yours, she is fine until the early hours then wants in the bed. Ddog doesn't go mad though, she sits very politely while tapping the crate door with her pawhmmgrin

Its good you can sleep with your dog on the bed, it makes me wonder if I could too. Hopefully she settle again as I don't want her on the bed but even if I did she can't yet as we don't trust her. Plus she will be in season in a few months and I am not having a bitch in season on my bed!

The last month has been really hard on the dog, her routine and life has totally changed because of my operation so hopefully as I get better she will sleep better too.

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