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Calcified disc in cocker spaniel

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SpanielPlusToddler Thu 21-Jul-16 20:08:01

Our much loved 5 year old cocker spaniel has been diagnosed today with a calcified spinal disc. Just wondered if anyone had any experience of the condition/ treatment/ prognosis please?

For the third time in the last couple of months she was clearly in pain the day after lively play with other dogs. Walking stiffly, in pain jumping up or down so after a few days of anti inflammatories they xrayed her today and found the calcified disc. Vet is sending X-ray off to get an expert report and said we'll have to see what they says, but she didn't sound very optimistic. She said surgery might be an option but will be very expensive.

Anyone any exoerience?

Allyouneedisloveandaterrier Fri 22-Jul-16 10:42:40

Cocker spaniels are a breed which are prone to disc problems. If she is referred to a specialist she will probably need an MRI prior to any surgery. Do you have insurance? MRI and surgery is normally around £5k.
She may not need surgery and could be managed with rest and pain relief but probably best to see a specialist if you can afford it and see what they say.

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