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New King Charles Cavalier puppy

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Coffecake99 Wed 20-Jul-16 13:16:14

We are having a Cavalier puppy in a couple of weeks time.

Anyone got any advice on what to expect in the first few weeks, what we should or shouldn't do and how to house train relatively quickly?

We already have a little dog but didn't have her from a puppy, so the puppy stage is new to us!

Thanks in advance.

LizzieMacQueen Wed 20-Jul-16 14:25:28

I wouldn't bother with puppy pads.

Are you going to use a crate?

branofthemist Thu 21-Jul-16 07:02:47

Hi, we got our cocker last week. I used puppy pads. But have stopped using them now as she hasn't messed in her crate since the first night.

Some people don't recommend them. Apparantly it can teach them it's ok to go there. It may because we use the crate and she doesn't want to poo in 'her' area. We don't use them outside her crate.

I was stressed about using a crate. I have never hear of it when I got my last cocker (15 years ago) but she was fine and happy to in straight away. I would highly recommend crates now.

We did try her in the kitchen at first and she just cried. So she is on the landing in her crate at night at the moment. Our bedroom and living room are on the first floor. I just slide the crate into the living room for day times. I don't mind her sleeping on the landing permanently.

She is also fine if we go out. We have built it up and went out for dinner last night. Was only gone an hour and half and she was fine when we got back.

It's hard to know what the expect. I expected toilet training to be far harder. We take her out at least every hour, after meals, naps and when she has played.

I expected her to not sleep at night, she does. The only issue we have is chewing. Even when we give her a toy she still would rather chew fingers and clothes. So are working on that.

I would just try and take it as it comes. Make sure you start toilet training straight away and figure out what else is important. Crate training was important to us as I would worry about her hurting herself when we were out.

Good luck and enjoy the puppy most of all.

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