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Plumber takes his life into his own hands

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DoubleCarrick Tue 19-Jul-16 11:30:59

I have a fear-aggressive dog and have worked really hard on him lately. I feel compelled to share this story out of fright and pride

We have a plumber working in the house today in the loft and airing cupboard upstairs. The dog was safely shut away in the living room so that the plumber was able to come in and out, use the kitchen, etc.

I went to work for two hours, came home and the plumber told me a story which made my blood run cold!!!!

He came downstairs and the dog was in the kitchen. Dog had walked past the open front door to get into the kitchen. The plumber stands still thinking "is this dog going to eat me?" All the plumber has been hearing for two days is a big massive German Shepherd bark coming from the living room!!

The dog saw the plumber, ran past him and out the front door. last time dog got out he nipped someones bum, chased a load of cats and refused to come back. The plumber panicked and thought "this is not good". Somehow, he managed to get back my timid/aggressive dog and shut him safely in the living room.

Kudos to the plumber. And mega kudos to my boy who hates being touched, hates strangers and is very protective of the house. Such a scary story but a very proud day!! The plumber has all of his limbs and my dog is safe!!

DoubleCarrick Tue 19-Jul-16 11:31:37

I've now just got to work out how the dog got out of the living room

MatthewWrightResearch Tue 19-Jul-16 11:36:25

Your GSD sounds like mine, I'm not sure what would happen if she got out in the public without me. I'm always so happy when I put her in kennels when I go on holiday and she let's one of the staff member give her a bath because I like your dog I know how much she hates strangers touching her.

Well done to the brave plumber smile

DoubleCarrick Tue 19-Jul-16 11:37:32

What's even better is the plumber said he showed not an ounce of aggression, just looked a little nervous

DiamondInTheRuff Tue 19-Jul-16 11:39:29

Sounds like the plumber has a bit of a knack with dogs! Good luck finding out how he got out of the living room...

How long have you had him (the dog, not the plumber!)

DoubleCarrick Tue 19-Jul-16 11:49:08

He's 4 now. I've had him since a puppy wish i knew then about not buying a puppy who hadn't been raised properly. Despite my very intense early efforts at socialising him he's always been a little unpredictable. He's so very lovely though

MatthewWrightResearch Tue 19-Jul-16 12:00:44

Aw he's lovely, I've got 2. One is the perfect family dog the other has alot of issues and both were from the same breeder so I'm not sure how I managed to get them like chalk and cheese.

MatthewWrightResearch Tue 19-Jul-16 12:05:33

This is my GSD, she drives me crazy but I don't know what I'd do without her.

AlcoChocs Tue 19-Jul-16 19:40:44

Could he have worked out how to open the door?
My GSD kept appearing in the garden when I was sure I'd closed the back door. Then one day I realised I'd shut him outside by mistake on a v cold day, went to get him in just as he managed to get the handle down by jumping up and opened the door himself!
Its not easy to open, he couldn't just reach up with a paw and it needed a good jump up to move the handle.

YourNewspaperIsShit Tue 19-Jul-16 20:55:46

Are your door handles on the normal way round? My huskyxrottie figured out how to open the doors so we put all the handles upside down lol, it worked to be fair but visitors got confused blush

DoubleCarrick Tue 19-Jul-16 21:48:59

He can open doors pretty well but these handles are hard for him to open. I think I didn't pull the door hard enough so that the latch closed properly

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