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Jekyll and Hyde dog!

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MarthaElf Sun 17-Jul-16 19:45:25

Can anyone offer tips
20 months old. Perfect in house. Fine on town street walks. Doesn't bark at all. At daycare she mixes fine with other dogs. No excitement just gets on with it. Socialised from eight weeks. Spends weekends in a house with another dog no issue.

Knows all commands, had training, WAS brilliant.

However we spend weekends in countryside. She runs into my Mums garden like a total loon barking at charging at the fence panels and then running full pelt in circles ignoring us. Refusing to come in etc. Definite play no aggression. Complete excitement.

I have had to put her back on the lead as her recall has been awful recently. She has started to jump up, ignore me completely and chase horses. We are working on this in a secure field. Definite teenage stage.

In countryside she is a nightmare. If she sees another dog she jumps up using her paws and dives at it playing. If she cannot get near them she barks. If she gets off she jumps all over them.

It has got to the point I am considering putting her in the kennels instead of my Dad having her while we are away despite the fact she will get massive walks with him because I am so stressed about it.

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