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First sign of season?

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Pippin8 Thu 14-Jul-16 11:39:14

My puppy is 9 months, she's a large breed, so I wasn't expecting a season til later on.

Last 2 days she's had some white discharge, just a very small amount. She's not swollen at all & no other signs.

She had been very clingy, but has had a stomach infection.i have googled but most info says she'll be swollen.

digerd Thu 14-Jul-16 12:07:41

The first signs are usually bleeding slightly which increases over the 1st 2 weeks, then the bleeding subsides but her vulva at this stage is at its most swollen as she is now receptive to being mated. After that it gradually subsides and is back to normal at the end of the 4th week.

Her initial behavioural signs are licking her vulva clean from the bleeding.

You could see the vet about the white discharge as not sure about that.

Good Luck

Shriek Sat 16-Jul-16 20:44:56

about this age dpups get mucosal.

many end up at the vets worried about eye penis or vulval infections and come away with a dose of AB's. but its normal, its part of physical maturation to get this discharge.

So long as its cream, and not smelling or getting yellow or green. Keep a close watch.

this discharge can be seen as the result of a successful pregnancy also!

Pippin8 Sat 16-Jul-16 22:48:28

Thanks, she's just had AB's due to a horrific stomach infection. I did wonder if a side effect was thrush....

It seems to have settled now, she hasn't been mated. No way would I intentionally let that happen. I'm being especially vigilant with regards to her first season as I do not want any accidents. I'll keep my eye out. DH says I'm obsessed.

Shriek Wed 20-Jul-16 18:56:54

well done for being so observant and considerate to her needs. Best predictor of first season is reaction of others around her (especially keen to sniff overlong and possible mounting attempts) and her starting to pee frequently (marking). Also some other signs of maturity such as being a bit more barky, as some are at this time.

Shriek Wed 20-Jul-16 20:09:54

provided she's not looking sore or agitated... or any smell...

otherwise watch for listen for euuww licking /self-cleaning as sign of onset

Pippin8 Thu 21-Jul-16 16:40:18

No none of that. Although, Last night on the field she made friends with a male terrier & he was sniffing her behind, usually she hates this & will not tolerate it. She would run away.

But, she kept sticking her bum in his face then sitting down, then doing it again. She did this 4-5 times & seemed fine, if a little bit cautious about him sniffing. Maturity I guess?

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