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How bad are cooked bones?

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WibblyWobblyJellyHead Wed 13-Jul-16 18:59:30

DDog always has the leftover bones from lamb chops, joints of meat, chicken wings (the kids don't eat them) etc.

She is a miniature breed (chi x) and loves them. But I know it's frowned upon. She's never choked or had any difficulty so I'm not too worried about that. Is there any other reason cooked bones are a no no?

EvansOvalPies Wed 13-Jul-16 19:03:57

As I understand it, when cooked, the bones become more brittle, thus more likely to introduce the risk of choking and blockage of the gut. My Mum used to work as a Veterinary nurse, and had several instances of having to assist in unblocking the back passage of a poor dog who had been fed bones. (She got covered from head to toe in dog shit - literally, the force of it leaving the dog was so explosive).

Chicken bones and lamb/pork chop bones are particularly bad - they splinter. You really shouldn't feed them to your dog.

MiddleClassProblem Wed 13-Jul-16 19:07:18

Chicken bones are so dangerous! Large bones like beef are ok but raw and left out to dry is a good way. Not sure what a chi would make of it.
Waitrose do bone marrow bones meant for us humans but they are half a bone so they can access the marrow wait and most of the reviews online are for people giving them to their dogs grin

ineedamoreadultieradult Wed 13-Jul-16 19:08:16

They are very bad you have been lucky so far. They splinter and can tear holes in the gut which can be fatal.

WibblyWobblyJellyHead Wed 13-Jul-16 19:11:02

Oh god really? I'll stop giving them to her then. What about the big bones from a lamb leg? They're her favourite.

ineedamoreadultieradult Wed 13-Jul-16 19:11:59

Raw bones are fine but stay away from all cooked bones.

bloodymaria Wed 13-Jul-16 19:14:23

Yeah, it's because they can splinter when cooked and cause a great deal of damage. When I was little out beautiful bearded collie got into a bin and ate some cooked chicken bones, she had to be put to sleep because of the damage caused.

Please just don't do it op!

MadameCholetsDirtySecret Wed 13-Jul-16 19:15:07

Never give a cooked bone to a dog. It just isn't with the risk.

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