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Boots for dog

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Carpaccio Mon 11-Jul-16 12:32:25

I have a cocker who adores running around in grass, the higher the better.

She has had a grass seed stuck in her paw before (and had to get it removed by emergency vet in the middle of the night), and I seem to find quite a few attached to her fur or even top layer of skin every time we have been out.
The other day she stepped on a bee, resulting in a trip to the vet and hours of whining, despite not having a bad reaction.
Now she has some kind of infection in two other paws - the vet believes it is likely to be grass seeds but she was not able to see them (and surgery is the only way to find out).
Dog is getting medication and we're going back in a few days to see if things have changed or if it could be something else. There's a likelihood that they'll have to do surgery to find out what is causing the infection.

However, as the dog isn't going to change her mind about running around in grass, I was thinking if a pair of dog boots would help her.

If so, would you be able to recommend any?

Thanks smile

Bubble2bubble Mon 11-Jul-16 12:43:19

Ddog had these when he slashed his paw last ear and had it dressed for a couple of weeks.
They stayed on pretty well, seemed sturdy and he ran as normal in them.
Not sure about using them long term though.

CatherineDeB Mon 11-Jul-16 12:49:04

I know long distance walkers who put their dogs in boots - not sure what sort they are though but definitely regular (prob not every day) long term use.

ICanSeeForMiles Mon 11-Jul-16 12:54:47

My dog had surgery and I found these to be brilliant for keeping the bandages dry. Like a cross between a balloon but much thicker, I've got tons put by now. Get the size bigger than you think you need though, they're tight.

Bubble2bubble Mon 11-Jul-16 13:01:00

Ddog also had those ones in Ican's pic and they were great for a wet garden, but he did also tear a few pairs as soon as he ran across stones, and they were a bit sweaty.

Floralnomad Mon 11-Jul-16 13:03:23

We have ones similar to those linked to by bubble , we use them when our dog has toenail problems , I've never found that they stay on very well at much more than a walk , but then my dog has very thin legs . The balloon type ones are great for covering foot dressings but IME don't stay on at all for a walk or if they are not over a bandage ,which helps them to stick on IYSWIM.

LimeJellyHead Tue 12-Jul-16 20:50:12

For general wear and walkies (rather than home recovery) you need a good outdoor boot. They can be expensive because they are often aimed at hiking and other outdoor adventures for dogs, but I was really impressed with these

They are a reasonable price for a really sturdy boot. My later terrier had mobility issues and loved wearing these outside. He had softer gripper socks for indoors.

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