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Rescue cat and terrier

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yumscrumfatbum Fri 08-Jul-16 20:49:36

After any words of wisdom. Eight days ago we adopted a 2 year old cat from a rescue centre. He's a lovely personality full bundle of energy. He came from a house with a dog. We have a four year old jack/shitzu cross. He's quite laid back and had lived with our senior cat who was here first until she died around a month ago with no issues. She dominated him he steered clear. We are taking the intro slowly slowly but doggy is quite fixated on the new cat and barking and lunging at him. We have a stair gate between them and doggy on lead in the evening when paths are crossing. I know it is early days but at the moment I'm struggling to see a time when doggy will accept cat is part of the family not an intruder. Doing lots of positive reinforcement treats etc. Cat is not unduly scared keeps going for a look but scarpers when doggy barks. Help?

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