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Introducing puppies and kittens!

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FeedMyFaceWithJaffaCakes Thu 07-Jul-16 22:52:29

We have a 12 week old kitten Berlioz smile
He's very brave and very funny!
We are picking up our westie poo poo little girl Pup (to be called either Fleur or Ivy- we're undecided!) on 20th August.
I'd appreciate tips on how to introduce my two little ones to each other smile
Pictures are attached because they're both very cute!
Many thanks smile

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 07-Jul-16 23:02:28

Cat will thwack pup on nose, pup will learn to respect superior being job done.

pigsDOfly Fri 08-Jul-16 13:05:09

My two cats were 17 years old when I got my dog five years ago, as an 8 week old puppy.

I suspect the female cat did, as Lonecat said and put t he puppy in her place as dog always had the greatest respect for her. My lovely old ginger male loved the puppy from the moment he saw her and they became the best of friends, so you can never tell.

I would imagine that two young animal would be happy to play rough and tumble with each other regardless of the fact that they are different species.

Lonecatwithkitten Fri 08-Jul-16 15:18:18

I was fairly flippant, but in general that is what will happen. My boy cat was young cat when dog arrived, but boy cat is a 'Kane' and speaks only to God.

Lonecatwithkitten Fri 08-Jul-16 16:13:44

I was fairly flippant, but in general that is what will happen. My boy cat was young cat when dog arrived, but boy cat is a 'Kane' and speaks only to God.

Shriek Fri 08-Jul-16 20:09:21

oh you lucky thing... well jel

the younger the better for them both and intro's very dependent on boths backgrounds.

If dpup has come from a household that had dcats around then litter will already know the score and be respectful, same for dkitty.

if no previous, and even if there has been please don't leave kitty alone with dpup.

some dkittys won't slap back and can be easily overwhelmed by boisterous and bitey dpup.

As you already have dkitty in place, she will be able to have found her feet fully by time dpup arrives and should have some places of safety for her to bolt too high for dpup to reach.

just protect them both during the process as obvs a clawed thwack in the wrong place can blind, etc.

FeedMyFaceWithJaffaCakes Sat 09-Jul-16 09:30:17

My plan is to start with 15 minute introduction and then build up to half an hour over a week and then slowly increase by 5 minutes each day if that makes sense? The pup will be in the kitchen/diner initially (hard floor) crated at night and cat can have rest of the house as he does at the mo. He doesn't go out yet and he's litter tray is upstairs so that's not an issue, when they're friends, I'm having a cat/dog flap cut in the French doors in the kitchen ready for the cat to use, hoping the pup will use it almost straight away smile X

Lonecatwithkitten Sat 09-Jul-16 16:41:41

A word of caution about flaps and housetraining. It is worth doing standard housetraining as I have come across several dogs who never became properly housetrained as they had access to flaps. It is okay at home, but can be embarrassing at other people's housesblush.

FeedMyFaceWithJaffaCakes Sat 09-Jul-16 22:56:15

Thank you for that!
Wonder if I can do both... We only have two weeks off and then are getting a dog sitter! Hopefully it'll all work out smile X

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