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Trembling dog.

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TheGiantSausage Sun 03-Jul-16 20:43:38

Hi all, I got a rescue dog a month ago, I absolutely adore her. She has an ongoing ear infection which she's on drops for but other than that, she's seemed perfectly healthy since I got her.
Then today... We took her for a walk, possibly slightly shorter than average for her but only by 5 minutes or so. Nothing eventful seemed to happen on the walk, she seemed fine afterwards, then maybe 2 hours after the walk she started to tremble, she's been trembling intermittently for maybe an hour or two now.
I rang the out of hours vets and was about to take her in when she suddenly perked up and wanted to go on a walk so I took her and she was fine, completely normal, waggy tail, sniffing other dogs, pulling (normal for her), so I was feeling less worried. Now we're back at home, she's lay down and has started trembling again. She seems fine otherwise, a bit more lethargic than normal but not by much, still responsive, just less inclined to follow me all over the house, still weeing and pooing, drinking fine, eating as normal, no barking/whimpering/whining.... I don't know whether to take her in or keep a good close eye on her...?
She's my first dog and I'm worried sick but don't want to overreact....

triballeader Sun 03-Jul-16 22:03:01

Poor girl, she may well be in pain from her ear infection or it might have started to spread. Sometimes it can take a different anti-biotic to nail a low grade chronic infection. Dogs try and hide injuries and pain and sometimes they only give subtle clues until they become very unwell. My rescue was a serious cruelty case so she tries to hide every injury and illness. She pulls the perk up for a possible walk followed by the sit and tremble after. Lethargy mixed with a known ear infection and trembling in a normally happy active dog is one that would have me taking mine to the out of hours vet.
Hope your girl will be okay

DiamondInTheRuff Mon 04-Jul-16 11:33:40

How is she today OP?

Our lovely boy dog had problems with an ongoing ear infection. He ended up having to be knocked out and have his ears flushed, and a sample sent off. Turned out to be yeast based which standard antibiotics won't shift. As soon as we got the new treatment - and an extra long dropper so we could aim properly into his ear - it shifted. Symptoms similar to what you describe.

TheGiantSausage Mon 04-Jul-16 13:52:56

We've been to the vet this morning, her observations are all fine so the vet has put it down to a stomach upset, she's had an anti sickness tablet, some chicken and rice, some fussing and she's looking much better, thankfully.
Thank you both for your responses... It's the loneliest time when you're fretting about your ball of fur!

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