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Skinny puppy

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Daftaboutthecat Sat 02-Jul-16 17:22:44

Pup is 11 weeks on Monday and I had been feeding him tins of natures menu he really enjoys them but it has never produced firm poos and if I up how much he has as he always seems to look for more his stools are even softer. I am gradually adding in Millies wolfheart to see if this helps bulk him out a bit vet didn't say it's anything to overly worry about but he really does feel skinny. Will the Millies help? Also I have found this recipe for his treats anyone have any thoughts if this is worth a try?

DiamondInTheRuff Sat 02-Jul-16 17:29:21

Our boy was always really skinny just after a growth spurt, right up until he was about 9 months he looked all skin and bone most of the time! He started to fill out eventually. Are the foods you're using puppy foods? And when you say soft, how soft is it? Still formed or verging on diarrhea?

Daftaboutthecat Sat 02-Jul-16 17:50:36

Hi diamond they are formed Its not diarrhoea but don't clean up easily at all.

DiamondInTheRuff Sat 02-Jul-16 20:15:17

Just had a quick look at the nature's menu website, they're very low in protein. I always thought growing pups need quite a lot of protein (20% minimum). Perhaps I've got that wrong though! Might be worth checking around if you can.

Usually soft stools would indicate something like intolerance or otherwise not getting on with the food, but as she's not even 11 weeks yet it might be better to ask someone more qualified than I am! Was she on nature's menu when you got her?

Daftaboutthecat Sat 02-Jul-16 21:20:09

I went by all about dog food who said it had above average protein as well. No we gradually changed pup over diamond. im hoping we will see a difference with Millies thank you for your help.

villainousbroodmare Sat 02-Jul-16 21:26:25

An 11 week old puppy should be on 3 meals a day of a premium quality commercial puppy food, and wormed with a veterinary quality (not supermarket) product monthly up to 6 months. Thereafter 3 monthly worming is adequate.
If he's lively and gaining weight, and your vet reckons all is well, then don't worry. Young animals are supposed to be slim.
You can pop into most veterinary practices and weigh your animal any time without being charged.

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