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Guessing when first season will arrive. It'll be on holiday, won't it? Aargh...

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KittiesInsane Wed 29-Jun-16 10:45:51

We have a 7-month-old, spaniel-ish, mixed-breed bitch, not yet had first season. We're going camping in three weeks and taking her with us.

What are my chances of getting back home without her starting her first season while we're away, in a tent, unprotected from the ravages of every dogs for 20 miles? (yes, I tend to catastrophise!)

Just Not Going, while my preferred option, is actually not an option this year, as we are the camp organisers didn't run the other way fast enough.

If the worst happens, can anyone suggest a glimmer of a Plan B? We'll have a crate, and a car. Do we take it in turns to drive round in circles for a fortnight?

nmg85 Wed 29-Jun-16 15:21:12

If it makes you feel any better our spaniel was almost a year old when she had her first season.
Only thing I can suggest is keep her on lead at all times and crated when isn't being watched. We used the dog pants for cleanliness but I know others have used them as a 'barrier' to male advances.

KittiesInsane Wed 29-Jun-16 16:47:11

Thank you! I shall cling to faint hope and add Dog Pants to packing list.

By the end of the fortnight somebody will probably have worn them by mistake.

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