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How to make a five bar gate higher?

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Rhootintootinboo Tue 28-Jun-16 23:30:29

Does anyone have any suggestions how to increase the height of gates without incurring the significant cost of replacing them completely? I have a puppy who's grown a fair bit now and it won't be long before he works out he can jump them. I need to do something on the cheap but that will be easy on the eye for the neighbours sensibilities. TIA

icclemunchy Tue 28-Jun-16 23:51:05

For horses we have used poles and electric tape/rope (not electrified) but this may be a bit unsightly. What about some of that bamboo screening stuff you can get?

RebuildingMyself Wed 29-Jun-16 00:05:06

I was going to say bamboo screening stuff too. Its what I'm adding to my low, iron bar gate, to stop pup going through bars or jumping over top. I'm also using it to higher the old 3ft fence that runs down one side of garden (its a rental, so I don't want to pay for a new fence) Its the cheapest option, I could find.

Less visible would be a plastic coated mesh. You can get rolls of it with 2in squares - its perfectly visible up close but not particularly obvious from further away. It can work out expensive though. Places like Wilkinson's, screwfix, garden centres and farm supplies shops should have it.

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