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dog front shoulder issues - any ideas?

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stonecircle Tue 28-Jun-16 15:29:18

Can anyone suggest what might be causing this very occasional problem with my 6 year old lab cross?

A few weeks ago he was charging around and play fighting with our other lab when he suddenly collapsed, screaming in agony and holding his front left leg out sideways. At first he wouldn't put any weight on it but after 10 minutes started limping. After half an hour he was running around normally.

We're staying with relatives at the moment and came in to find he'd knocked a chair over in his (successful) attempt to get at the bin. And he had the same thing with his leg - holding it out sideways and not weight bearing. Again it's worn off fairly quickly.

Any suggestions? I'll take him to our vet when we get home but I'm wondering if anyone has any idea what the problem might be?

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Tue 28-Jun-16 17:43:55

Dislocated shoulder? My old spaniel did this. Easily remedied by the vet but very painful.

stonecircle Wed 29-Jun-16 13:54:17

I wondered that but could it pop back in? He went from agony to fine in about 30 minutes!

Wyldfyre Wed 29-Jun-16 14:50:19

Dogs are very good at hiding pain OP. If in doubt I'd get a vet to look him over.

stonecircle Wed 29-Jun-16 15:11:36

This one really isn't! If he gets a bit of twig between his pads on a walk he will hop towards us on 3 legs. He's happily charging around the garden now playing ball with ds. But yes, I do intend to take him to our vet as soon as we are home (staying with relatives at the moment).

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Wed 29-Jun-16 22:13:19

I don't know about popping back in, I suppose it could, but our vet did tell us that once it's happened it's more likely to happen again because that part of the shoulder and muscle has moved.

cressetmama Thu 30-Jun-16 21:13:45

I'd see your vet. Our young Lab was occasionally lame without reason, and when I asked about it, she was diagnosed with bilateral elbow problems. A year on, it has been very successfully treated with surgery... but it was eye-wateringly expensive.

stonecircle Thu 30-Jun-16 22:03:59

Oh dear - how much if you don't mind me asking?
We've actually just cancelled our pet insurance as it had gone up to £220 pcm for 2 dogs and 2 cats. I will be taking him to the vet though.

cressetmama Mon 04-Jul-16 20:17:48

It ended up costing about £2500, but involved multiple consultations, referrals, x rays and scans plus the surgery, then hydrotherapy. The outcome has been perfect and she is in great shape, very strong and fit (we have to keep her thin) but she has been spayed too, as we clearly couldn't breed and risk passing on the defect. Great vet; I would recommend him, and he did a good price after asking whether we had insurance.

cressetmama Mon 04-Jul-16 20:20:01

It's principle with me. I don't buy insurance (except house and car) but do save money each month, equivalent to the premium. If you don't need it, it stays your money is our logic!

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