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gentle leader?

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dontevenblink Wed 22-Jun-16 23:39:42

But of advice please. I have a medium sized cross breed (prob staffy cross) and she's great but when I'm walking her with the pushchair (which is most of the time) she can be pretty pully. We're working on training her not to, but she was a stray and is very alert on the walks and quite independent. She has improved loads and she'll now look at me and sit when told but we've still got a way to go.

Basically (after my pre-amble!) I was wondering about getting her some sort of gentle leader. Shes got a back clip harness at the moment as I was worried she'd hurt her neck when she gets over excited when meeting other dogs, and dog training classes do front clip harnesses but they said they weren't suitable for long walks, is that true? Has anyone got experience of head collars like gentle leader/halti? I am in NZ so I have a limited range available to me as well.

Daftaboutthecat Thu 23-Jun-16 06:58:18

Hi I can recommend the perfect fit harness although not sure if they will ship to NZ. You should download lets go by Beverley Courtney it has some excellent advice and is helping enormously with training my pup to walk on the lead. Good luck it really takes the enjoyment out of a walk when you are being hauled along.

Greyhorses Thu 23-Jun-16 08:13:25

I had a gentle leader and it worked well however it did ride up into my dogs eyes when she was being silly.

I switched to dogmatic and it's great, never moves at all and works! I'm not sure where they ship too but the company is helpful so might be able too!

StoorieHoose Thu 23-Jun-16 08:33:23

I use a gentle leader on my daft collie - I get pulled all over the place if I use a normal collar and lead but the gentle leader puts me in control (doesn't stop him from stopping for a sniff at something every 2 seconds through!)

LilCamper Thu 23-Jun-16 09:31:35

Another Perfect Fit vote here.....and they ship world wide.

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