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Retraining not to pee/poo in garden

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AppleSetsSail Wed 22-Jun-16 08:48:01

Just that, really. Has anyone had any luck with a second wave of training where you move all pee/pee to walks?

My dog (10 month old Golden Retriever) is by now very well housebroken but our garden often stinks (it's astoturfed). I can easily get the first pee/poo of the day in the garden by not letting her out and heading to the park first thing, but the rest of the day is a challenge.

Also, I'm uncertain of my level of commitment. How much work will this be?

I realise the solution is pretty obvious, I just wanted to hear from someone who had done it.

DeltaSunrise Wed 22-Jun-16 10:53:47

Placemarking of that's ok.

Our black lab boy refuses to pee/poo out on walks and can be out 3 hours before coming home and going straight into the garden.

Our garden is small and I really want the kids to play out there without worrying about standing in a poo I've missed.

We have a small park 30seconds from our house with dog poo bins, I take him there all the time but he refuses to poo and waits until we get home.

AppleSetsSail Wed 22-Jun-16 10:57:27

Oh boy, that's even worse Delta.

Would he poo if you were on a day out? I'd feed him an enormous bowl of food and head to the park with my kindle. wink

georgedawes Wed 22-Jun-16 11:17:09

Have you taught a command word for going to the loo? I'd start there and then see how you get on. I had the opposite problem, my dog wouldn't under any circumstances go in the garden! But we got there in the end.

insan1tyscartching Wed 22-Jun-16 20:40:23

Eric won't use the garden for toileting I think he sees it as an extension of the house. He does all toileting on his three walks a day. We didn't teach him though it just happened once he was old enough to go outside the garden.

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