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elderly dog after flight

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pilpiloni Sat 18-Jun-16 00:40:07

Our dear old boy has just reached us after a trans Atlantic flight with a stopover overnight in the pet hotel in Amsterdam.

He's drunk water and we took him out for a walk but he just seems depressed. I offered him food but he wasn't interested.

Is this normal? Could he just be tired from the last couple of days? Anything I could do to perk him up or just let him rest?

vjg13 Sat 18-Jun-16 07:59:20

I would let him rest, short walks and light meals. It may take a few days before he perks up.

LimeJellyHead Sat 18-Jun-16 11:45:41

I should think he is feeling a little tired and confused. Hopefully he will perk up in a few days. Unless anything seems physically wrong, just time and love and cuddles.

pilpiloni Sat 18-Jun-16 13:34:47

Thanks for the reassurance. We'll just take it easy with him. He was a little happier today. Hasn't really eaten his regular food but took a couple of treats quite eagerly.

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