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Worried about my dog, not sure what to do!

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SexLubeAndAFishSlice Mon 13-Jun-16 10:55:01

He's a 9yo greyhound. We moved house a couple of weeks ago and understandably he hasn't been happy since, and all last week we had electricians and plumbers and lots of noise, banging and drilling etc. So a pretty stressful situation really. He went to kennels from Friday to Sunday (yesterday) and when I collected him the kennel owner said he hadn't been his usual happy, chirpy self and he'd been very sad and quiet all weekend. He wolfed his tea down yesterday (his usual kibble mixed with leftover chicken gravy) and this morning I served up the same for breakfast but he wasn't even interested! Just had a brief sniff and went back to bed, I followed him and saw that he'd been sick on his bed. I'm not sure what to do, we're so skint at the moment, having just sunk a load of money into having the house rewired and new heating system put in, we can't afford it right now if he needs any vet treatment sad

Floralnomad Mon 13-Jun-16 11:19:19

Provided he's drinking and not continuing to vomit I'd wait and see how he is in a day or so - it's probably stress from all the disruption in his life .

Noitsnotteatimeyet Mon 13-Jun-16 13:46:58

Well I'm afraid you don't have a choice as to whether or not to pay for vet's treatment- if he needs it, he needs it. Part of responsible dog ownership is making sure you can afford to take them to the vet whatever your other commitments....

However I'd agree that watching and waiting for 24 hours or so is fine - hope he picks up soon

SexLubeAndAFishSlice Wed 15-Jun-16 12:36:56

He hasn't eaten or drunk properly in over 24hrs now and he's been pooing bloody 'cowpats' so I took him to the vet today and they're keeping him over night on AB's and fluids. They said he's lost over 2kg over 6 months and his temperature was over 41! All those things can indicate infection, inflammation or cancer sad I've had his bloods back already and they said they've come back normal which is good news at least. They'll keep him on the IV overnight and reassess in the morning. It's my birthday tomorrow sad

Floralnomad Wed 15-Jun-16 12:54:36

Oh dear , hope he feels better soon and they find out what's wrong .

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