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7 month old lab refuses his food

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BobsyourUncle23 Tue 07-Jun-16 10:02:56

Guys I need advice, I got my lab at 12 weeks, he is growing into a beautiful black lab, yet he has always seemed to be picky about his food, but only recently he refuses to finish his breakfast. As soon as he sees us having dinner etc.. he is sat near the table thinking we will give him a bit of our food, which we don't by the way. He doesn't have any other symptoms such as diarrhoea or vomiting, he is always full of energy. We exercise him few days a week, but he gets tired so quickly after few laps around the park. We would come back home and he is so worn out he just sleeps and pants heavily. After some time it stops and it back to normal. I have booked an appointment with the vet this Thursday, but wanted to see if any of you had a similar thing with your dog.

Hoppinggreen Tue 07-Jun-16 10:57:47

Preferring your food to his and being tired after a good run round sounds like normal lab puppy behaviour to me!
Worth a vet check but doesn't sound like anything for concern

spanky2 Tue 07-Jun-16 11:02:51

My 10 month old springer spaniel is doing this. Although he has boundless energy. He refused breakfast today. But on our walk he was enjoying eating rabbit poo, which is obviously better than normal food!

BobsyourUncle23 Tue 07-Jun-16 11:38:46

I have gone through several forums about it and most of them did say it was a normal behaviour, I still have to go to the vets for his kennel cough vaccination. I live close to the river bank and we have lots of spiders in the house, they become puppys favourite treat after he torments them first!!

pigsDOfly Tue 07-Jun-16 15:05:39

I'm not one for changing food but have found over the years - dog is 5 years old - that from time to time my dog will tire of a food she's been perfectly happy with for ages.

She'll just refuse to touch it and I end up with no choice but to try something different. With the previous food she was on she'd end up eating about midnight because she'd only eat it if she was extremely hungry.

If he's bored with his food that might be why he's hoping you'll give him some of yours and it'll be more interesting.

LetThereBeCupcakes Fri 10-Jun-16 20:08:07

Firstly, <Boak> at spider treats!

Although I agree it doesn't sound like anything to panic about, I DO think it's quite unusual, especially for a lab!

What are you feeding him, how much, and when?

BobsyourUncle23 Fri 10-Jun-16 20:38:46

Guys. Been to the vets and he just told me my boy is a very healthy lab I told him he is a fussy eater and everything i mentioned before and his response 'really? He has a good muscles on him andown is very healthy, nothing to worry about"
At least I put my mind at rest. smile

pigsDOfly Sat 11-Jun-16 09:38:35

Glad to hear he's all okay.

The man in my pet shop was saying that people keep telling him that their dogs aren't eat normally in this hot weather, so maybe that's affecting him.

I must admit getting a bit concerned about my own dog because at the moment she's not rushing to my side every time I eat somethingsmile

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