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Bitch in heat - help!

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Ladyleia Sat 04-Jun-16 21:49:19

I know that I'm probably the most stupid dog owner in the world but I had arranged for my lovely springer to be spayed 2 weeks ago when the vets rang me at the last minute to cancel the op. They didn't know when they could rearrange and we have been away for the last week.

Whilst we were away in Northumberland DDog started behaving very strangely and then came into season (she had her 1st birthday while we were away). Now I'm not sure what to do as had not really planned on having a bitch in season although the breeder we bought her from said it was best to let her have one season before being spayed.

I guess my question is, how do I tell when she's finished being in season? The daycare that she usually goes to won't take her while she's in season and have said that I need to leave it 28 days before she can come back. Also, when can I arrange for her to be spayed - do I have to wait for a few months?

Lastly, as well as feeling incredibly stupid for not realising what's involved in a bitch being in heat, I also feel like I have to put my life on hold for the next month to look after her. Feeling very down about the whole thing and would very much appreciate any advice anyone can give.

nmg85 Sun 05-Jun-16 09:02:06

Ours lasted 4 weeks from beginning to end and we then had to wait 3 months after that for her to be spayed.
For the first 2 weeks she was clingy and sad but after that she was desperate to be her normal self. On lead walks at less popular times was the only thing we could do as she was a magnet for admirers and I didn't want to be in a bad situation :-).
We did put the dog pants on her for a few weeks as she was dripping blood everywhere and we have pale carpets, after an hour she didn't realise she was wearing them, I used cut up panty liners rather then the expensive dog pads and they worked just as well.
We occasionally have a dog walker so we made sure they were aware and took the necessary precautions... Could you get a dog walker to help out?

Ladyleia Sun 05-Jun-16 10:44:05

Thanks nmg - I'v ordered some pants for her and that's a good tip about using panty liners as I was astonished at how expensive the dog pads are! I'm just worried about taking her for walks and attracting every dog in the vicinity.

Now I'm worried that she has a UTI as she seems to be weeing an awful lot (little tiny wees) and also has done 2 in the house last night. Did yours wee a lot when she was in season? Was wondering if that's a dog's way of cleaning herself?

Thanks for the advice smile

Bubble2bubble Sun 05-Jun-16 11:31:48

I had my first experience of this quite recently, ( having never had an unneutered pet over 6 months ) and it was bit of an eye opener!

I got most of my information here

To be honest the bleeding wasn't too bad, as she cleaned herself very well and we have mostly wooden floors. In the beginning she was just quite sleepy, and then I thought a bit down.

The worst part for me was the week when she was pestering the boys, even though both were neutered young they absolutely knew what was happening and had to divide the house into boys' and girls' sections - that part I did find quite stressful to be honest and for around 5-6 days I actually didn't walk her at all as I didn't want to be in the situation of fighting off any males we met.
I also had to watch her in the garden as there were some random dogs who turned up at the gate ( I am normally confident our fence is very secure, but...)
She seemed to be back to normal in just over three weeks longest three weeks of my life, no idea how anyone puts up with this all the time

Ladyleia Sun 05-Jun-16 14:38:18

Thanks so much bubble2bubble - that's a great website with loads of info. I think we are in the calm before the storm where she is quite sleepy and not showing any great signs of wanting to find the dog of her dreams smile Am going to have to be very careful with her though when that part comes. Think I'm just going to have to resign myself to looking after my beautiful girl for next 3/4 weeks and fighting off any random male dogs....

nmg85 Sun 05-Jun-16 17:51:16

Yea mine did wee more then normal but no accidents. We didn't walk for the first 10 days she didn't really want to.

Ladyleia Sun 05-Jun-16 19:51:17

Got the pants and put them on DDog. She ripped it off within about two minutes so put back on her. She went outside and did a wee in them. So in total, she had them on for a maximum of 5 minutes :| They're now in the wash so we can try again later....

nmg85 Sun 05-Jun-16 20:23:31

Keep trying

Eliza22 Wed 08-Jun-16 12:21:00

My girl's just finished her first season. It lasted 4 weeks, almost to the day. She was off her food and lethargic and to be fair, I just let her do what she wanted....walking on lead only, walking in areas less likely to meet other dogs and later at night.

Around week 3 she became quite flirtatious but, as I say, she was always on her lead and I'd call to people with dogs off lead "flirty bitch in season here!" Most folk then recalled their dog.

Eliza22 Wed 08-Jun-16 12:21:33

I never bothered with the pants. I followed her around, with a mop but, we have few carpeted areas.

Ladyleia Wed 08-Jun-16 12:48:02

Thanks Eliza. I'm finding the same with my girl - she's sleepy and a lot less crazy than she usually is (she's a springer). I almost can't recognise this calm, sleepy girl! I'm finding the pants a bit of a nightmare although she is getting used to them. It's just she wanders outside and then wees in them so I have to take them off and wash/dry them.

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