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Taken in DGM staffy cross.

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Kimononono Wed 01-Jun-16 19:44:36

She is getting on 12 and a bit of a tank. DGM is 84 and just been taken in to hospital and we have decided that she will come here to live as DGM is to tired/ill to look after her.

She is a lovely soft dog but massive. She is over weight but tall and DGM didn't really walk her out. I'm unsure whether to get her a muzzle - for the sake of other people being uncomfortable around her. She has never ever bitten or shown aggression to another dog or person though. She walks nicely at the side and doesn't pull or run off when off a lead and come straight back when you call her once.

She was actually mine ten years ago but I had to move due to work and DGM fog had just died and wanted her for company. She has always been a very good behaved dog.

So would you put a muzzle on her? The places I will take her will probally have other dogs there but she has never needed one before.

Also she has always been around small children and been great, I have a three year old and Dh thinks she shouldn't be left alone with her. She has seen dd almost daily for the past three years.

Wyldfyre Wed 01-Jun-16 19:55:25

I wouldn't muzzle any dog which didn't need it. If people have a problem with staffies, that's their problem ignorance

Kimononono Wed 01-Jun-16 19:59:30

Thanks wyldfye, she really doesn't! She looks big but is really a scaredy cat!

She is sulking in the kitchen I think she is missing DGM. sad

tabulahrasa Wed 01-Jun-16 21:40:54

I wouldn't muzzle a dog that has no need for one either, I'd train them to wear it happily in case they ever have to wear one in an emergency situation (dogs in a lot of pain at the vets can react out of character and it's one less stressful thing to add in if they're happy to wear one)

My dog is muzzled because he has issues and he's fine with it, but, it limits what he can do on walks, he can't really play fetching games, he can only have training rewards that fit in it, if he was able to be off lead...he'd not really be able to be because there's a fairly high risk of him injuring himself by catching it in something when moving at speed, it also interferes with normal dog interactions as they can't read his facial expressions.

I've also found that actually people react worse now he's muzzled than before (he's a rottie btw, so similar prejudices) I hear people go, oh it's got a muzzle on and move away, which I prefer TBH because most of the job it does do is advertise very clearly that there's a possibility he's not ok to be approached by people or dogs (with him actually it's both). But before he was muzzled he didn't get that reaction from people just walking along the street.

Wyldfyre Wed 01-Jun-16 22:27:59

I also notice a big difference in attitudes to muzzled dogs, Tabalurasa.

My lab is not the stereotypical friendly lab. She does not need muzzled but tends to keep away from strangers - but everyone wants to pat her.

I walked my friends rescue greyhound, who is a softie but has to wear a muzzle as part of the contract with the rescue (he's an ex-racer so I see the logic) but everyone gives us a wide berth

Kimononono Wed 01-Jun-16 23:59:22

Thanks for the responses.

Yes I thought it might make her look 'dangerous'. She has a good harness and I'll not bother with a muzzle on walks.

JoffreyBaratheon Thu 02-Jun-16 11:04:15

Yes, lifelong bull terrier owner here - currently have staffy cross - and I wouldn't muzzle, either. Totally no need if she is that grand age and has never shown aggression.

My dog does have a thing like a halti, to stop her pulling on the lead and she actually does get some funny looks and people have even asked if she is 'dangerous'. But in our case, we prefer it, as walking round town she can be nervous of some people, and she is less likely to be approached, so we feel it keeps her safe if people assume it's a muzzle...

Lovely of you to have her back, and GM can know she is safe and well cared for.

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