We have just been accepted to adopted this dog

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AliceInUnderpants Wed 01-Jun-16 15:24:02

This is Tessa. She is six months old, and currently in Romania. She was found on the streets at a few days old, and has been in foster since. She should be with us on 2nd July grin

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BagelGoesWalking Wed 01-Jun-16 16:51:38

She's lovely! Great that she's been in foster. Should be well socialised with people and probably other dogs as well.

Being nosy (you obvs don't have to say!) which rescue are you getting her from? I follow some of them on FB

AliceInUnderpants Wed 01-Jun-16 17:17:44

We are getting her from www.barkingmaddogrescue.co.ukBarking Mad Dog Rescue]] which is based in Scotland.

She is used to other dogs and cats. We are aware, though, that it's a long journey and big upheaval and it may take a while for her to settle. First time dog-owners, too, so all very scary and exciting!

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BagelGoesWalking Wed 01-Jun-16 20:04:43

Has the rescue got an FB group? Usually they're really good and you can get quick advice. Another good group is Dog Training Advice and Support - and The Doghouse, of course!

She'll probably love the home comforts! When I fostered, the dogs were a bit subdued for the first couple of weeks, then they got a bit more cheeky as they felt more secure! Usually, let them be fairly quiet for first few days, not too many visitors, a safe space for them to retreat (such as a crate). Keep food simple as the long journey is a bit tough.

Sure she'll be fine. She's young and will easily adapt to her new home. Have fun!

Wolfiefan Wed 01-Jun-16 20:07:53

Beautiful doggy.
I have heard horror stories of dogs coming from abroad with certain illnesses. Have you checked out Romania and any potential issues? The one I heard of was Spain (I think) and Leishmania.

stonecircle Wed 01-Jun-16 20:24:23

Oh she's beautiful! I bet you can't wait to meet her smile

AliceInUnderpants Thu 02-Jun-16 09:12:47

Thanks for replies. She's actually due to be with us around the 18th of June so I need to get organised!

Yes the rescue has a very reponsive fb page and are fairly local. I have enquired about a local training class. I have friends with dogs so she will get well socialised outwith classes too. We are planning on crating her overnight in the kitchen but know that she will likely decide for herself and we're willing to take cues from her. She will have her crate for a safe space if she chooses. The kids will also be told to leave her alone when she is using her bed.

Wolfie she is fully vaccinated and will have her rabies shot prior to travel. We will book her in for a vet check not long after arrival. Breed is not known so we will have her dna tested to know any sort of health problems to watch out for.

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MrsJayy Thu 02-Jun-16 09:15:49

She is lovely but as i said to a friend who has a romanian dog you will need to teach her English 😂

Floralnomad Thu 02-Jun-16 11:02:20

alice ,it's not just rabies there are all manner of nasty diseases that can be bought in ,many of which would not be picked up at a vet check ,but would have shown up during the old 6 month quarantine .

Katielv7 Sun 01-Jul-18 20:57:05


Did you get your dog from them in the end?
We are looking to get a dog and wanted to check you had a good experience


BagelGoesWalking Mon 02-Jul-18 13:24:22

Hi Katie, this post popped up as I'd commented on the thread originally.

2 rescues I follow and trust as they do extremely rigorous health testing are:

Wags N Wet Noses and Help Pozega Dogs
If you join their FB groups, you'll get an idea of how they work etc and also get a lots of tips and advice, even if you don't eventually adopt from them, even though they have some lovely dogs 😬

Lonecatwithkitten Mon 02-Jul-18 13:35:45

The biggest concern with dogs coming from Romania is tongue worm a pretty nasty parasite which can be devastating.
I also have seen quite a few Romanian dogs with quite serious behavioural issues.

hell4heather Thu 20-Sep-18 22:57:45

I realise this is an old thread but noticed it reopened recently by someone asking about Barking Mad Dog Rescue in Scotland. We had our girl, Kiara, from them last November - if you Google 'Kiara Barking Mad Dog Rescue' a YouTube video of her comes up which is marked 'now adopted'. That is us! I wanted to reply to tell the questioner and anybody else reading this what a rewarding and wonderful thing it was to do, to rescue our dog from Romania. Barking Mad Dog Rescue do wonderful work, Kiara came with full veternary records, a passport and she was fully vaccinated, speyed and disease free. Yes, she came with a few challenges behaviour-wise - she was terrified of strangers, crossing thresholds (oddly) and it took a while for her to trust us and to realise she was safe in a forever home. She is so happy and so are we. She's the sweetest dog in the whole world and we can't imagine life without her. These dogs need love and new families - their situations are desperate. We have photos of Kiara when she was plucked from a kill shelter by those beautiful people at Barking Mad Rescue - she was nearly bald, covered in sores and a cowerinf wreck. Today Kiara runs happy and free in the Scottish countryside with us and our other rescue dog, Sally. She is a little bit of gold in our lives. Adopt don't shop. And yes, those kind hearts at Barking MDR are wonderful people, always on hand to give you advice post as well as pre adoption.

Derekb Sat 08-Dec-18 12:34:11

How long did the process take

Yay congratulations, hope you guys have a long and happy life together x

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