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Sebo X4 Pet for long dog hair on carpet?

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burythechains Sun 29-May-16 09:08:37

Having read lots of threads on here and reviews elsewhere I think I am taking the plunge on a Sebo X4 pet. We have a cocker with very long black hair (longer than normal) and she does love to roll about and smear it over our beige carpets. We also have some hard floors but my main concern is lifting dog hair off the carpet. Thought about the Miele Cat & Dog but the upright reviews aren't so good and although lots of people love their Miele there are lots of comments about difficulty of removing hair from the brushbar.
Am I doing the right thing?

butemum Sun 29-May-16 19:12:31

I discovered SEBO at work; they had the old X1 Automatics as vacs, which is the older model to the X4. We had the X1 for many years before going for a pull along cylinder vac. SEBO have a new X4 on the market called "Pet Boost" which has an over ride manual button on the floor head which pushes the floor head down further into the carpet tread. The X1.1 and X4 series are inclined to glide over carpets and gently clean. Boost version is a bit quicker to function. Both X uprights can clean hard floors though such as vinyl/lino and laminate. I trialled the X4 Boost at an independent store and was impressed. Id have bought it if I had carpets but now live in a home with mostly hard floors and rugs. I bought the SEBO E1 instead (cylinder vac).

butemum Sun 29-May-16 19:13:59

Sorry, also forgot to say - the SEBO vacs are easy to work on if you break something. They do come with 5 years warranty and the X series is easy to put together - just all slots and locks together. My sister has my old X1; it is currently 9 years old, has fallen down stairs but still goes!

burythechains Sun 29-May-16 20:18:50

Thanks, it sounds promising.

SandpitDreams Mon 30-May-16 10:19:49

I have an old style sebo x4. It is by far the best vacuum I've had so far. Be warned though, NOTHING works for dog hairs!
Some vacuums are better than others, but none will remove all the dog hair when you do that important 30 minutes before visitors vacuum.

Can you tell I'm fighting a losing battle in this house. In fact I'm convinced my dog thinks its a game!

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