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Why does ddog does this?

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RandomMess Thu 05-May-16 22:29:44

Ddog is mine, I am #1 her book.

DH works from home, she sleeps most of the day apart from to observe his lunch arrangements wink

She is initially very excited when I come home then immediately goes and sits or leans on DH...


ThroughThickAndThin01 Thu 05-May-16 22:33:51

Because he's there all the time?

Ddog2 is mine. I adore her. She absolutely adores me. She's by my side over and above anybody else. Yet. In the mornings I get up and she barely acknowledges me. Dh gets up and she does a long happy wiggly dance and gets her toy to give to him confused. I forgive her grin

RandomMess Thu 05-May-16 23:26:29

They are bonkers aren't they. We wondered if it was reverse thing, trying to reassure him that he was important even though I make her starry eyed!!!

If I get up in the morning she does not leave my side/the room. Anyone else she runs straight up to dive into bed with me, won't consider eating breakfast confused

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