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Puppy has been sick.

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OhnowhatwasIthinking Thu 05-May-16 07:58:31

Sorry I know this is a bit yuck but I'm not an experienced dog owner and need advice.
My 9month old schnauzer was very sick last week. Just once and then she slept all night and woke up happily. Then today when I came to get her out of her crate she had been a little sick again. Only two small patches but she has wretched a bit too.
Vet? I'm a bit of a drama queen about her I love her so much.

OhnowhatwasIthinking Thu 05-May-16 08:03:12

I've just reread my post I really am a drama queen when it comes to this pup.

AppleSetsSail Thu 05-May-16 09:37:17

So there's a week between episodes? I wouldn't worry too much about it, I have a 9 month old puppy and she's sick 1-2x a month for no apparent reason.

OhnowhatwasIthinking Thu 05-May-16 10:09:22

Thanks. I'm going to monitor her X

ICanSeeForMiles Thu 05-May-16 10:10:48

I was woken with the sound of my ddog being sick in his crate at 6am this morning. Just keep an eye on her, she should be fine.

MadameCholetsDirtySecret Thu 05-May-16 10:20:24

Keep an eye and starve her until tonight - but leave water - and then a little chicken and rice. Do you have a garden? Can you check the plants are dog friendly? I would only lead walk for a few days too. If it carries on tomorrow I would go to vet.

AppleSetsSail Thu 05-May-16 10:25:12

Yes I keep the packets of pre-cooked rice on hand for when my dog is sick as well.

OhnowhatwasIthinking Thu 05-May-16 14:43:20

Thanks. She was sick three more times so I took her to the vet. She was checked over and they gave her an injection. She had had a little chicken and kept that down but she isn't her usual mad self. I'm keeping an eye on her.
Thanks for all the help.

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