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Dog wee and cushing's

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0hCrepe Wed 04-May-16 07:03:31

My dboxerdog (12) has cushing's which is treated with vetoryl and she has blood tests every 6 months to check levels and dosage. All extremely expensive but obviously we manage.
When she's a bit anxious though she tends to drink more again and it inevitably comes out. I think because dh is away she's a bit out of sorts so she came up to my room last night and started weeing next to my bed and then trickled all down the stairs. Another wee downstairs this morning. In the past few weeks she's been weeing more e.g. when dh pops out for a few minutes to collect the kids (he normally works from home). It's starting to get me down. I'm pregnant and just thinking it's going to get worse. I'm dreading taking her to a caravan in the summer I just feel our lives are dominated by her weeing. We won't be able to leave her even for a bit and no one else can have her; she certainly can't go into kennels as she's never been before. Even before the cushing's she was on propalin for a weak urinary sphincter following being spade so her whole life we've had wee problems.

Other than that she's fit and healthy, happy, gentle and sweet. I hate getting annoyed with her but I'm getting to the end of my tether.
I'm loathe to take her to the vet again as it took a long time and several tests to diagnose cushing's even after I'd suggested it. She's just had a blood test to confirm she's on the right dose so I can't see any other intervention working. She's had stress relievers before (my mum got them when we were away once as the weeing got worse) but to no avail. We gave up on insurance a while ago as there was a block on any urinary related disorders following the propalin.

Anyone been in the same boat floating on seas of wee??

0hCrepe Thu 14-Jul-16 06:31:45

Ddog is sleeping downstairs again now after she did a massive poo in our room one night and she makes a lot of noise walking about and settling so I thought she needs to get used to being downstairs before the baby comes. We let her up fairly early but she walks into circles on her noisy bed up here about 500 times.
She now wakes us up at about 5 crying and scratching the door and has usually done a massive wee everywhere. Floor's getting ruined. Knackered and annoyed. Any words of wisdom appreciated!

MidLifeCrisis007 Fri 15-Jul-16 07:00:59

We had a similar thing with our late springer spaniel, also 12. She was on Propalin but still leaked everywhere. We used dog nappies on occasions. We took her on a campavan trip and the smell was so hideous it made us all miserable. Everything smelt of wee.

Her liver function declined quite rapidly in October last year (blood test showed her enzymes were through the roof) and we put her to sleep soon after.

We sobbed but it was such a relief.....

0hCrepe Fri 15-Jul-16 18:17:38

Thanks for replying and sorry to hear what happened. In the past my dog had all sorts of tests before diagnosing cushing's and all organs ok but I can imagine all her drinking and weeing will take its toll. We've got someone who's going to stay here with her while we're in the caravan so that'll be a break at least!

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