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Puppy not letting me brush her anymore

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alleypalley Sun 01-May-16 22:44:14

Our mini schnauzer is now 6 months old, she needs combing every one to two days otherwise she gets quite matted. Since day one when we got her home she has been fine with us doing it, she has been to the groomers twice and was fine both times. But in the last week she just won't let me near her with the comb, I mean a proper growl and warning 'bite' - she touches skin but doesn't break it. She's definitely quite serious in telling me to back off.

I tried stroking her with the back of the comb and she was ok, but then as soon as I turned it over to comb she warned me off. With some patience and perseverance I've managed to get a few brushes on her back but as soon as I try to do her legs or paws she won't have it. Tonight I just picked the comb up and as soon as she saw it her lip started quivering into a growl.

Does anyone have any experience of this? Should I leave it for now, or persevere? She'll have dreadlocks soon though if I leave it too long. She let me pick a couple of bits of foliage out of the fur on her paws earlier but that was it. She's walking fine so doesn't seem to have hurt herself at all.

georgedawes Sun 01-May-16 22:58:36

Can you go right back to basics and give her lots of treats? Even just treats for a look at the comb and small brush? My dog is long haired but was terrified of being groomed when I got her so I spent a lot of time feeding her yummy treats whilst doing very little brushing to get her used to it. I wonder also of she has any matts that are hurting?

alleypalley Sun 01-May-16 23:05:15

There's no matts. She let me bath her yesterday, it's just the comb she's taken an aversion to. I'll try the treats though that's a good idea. She was fine from day 1 so I've not had to do it before, any tips? I guess I should do it when she's reasonably calm, maybe when the dc are in bed so as not to distract her. Thanks

georgedawes Sun 01-May-16 23:14:01

I would try to focus on getting her to like the comb again rather than actual brushing. I literally just started odd holding the comb and giving the dog treats, then running the comb over her and so on. Took a week or two before I attempted any kind of real brushing! Don't rush it and really make the association between the comb and good things. Even now I still give the dog some of her dried food when brushing her, she's sone hairy I want to keep the positive association! Hope it helps.

alleypalley Sun 01-May-16 23:29:25

That's great, thanks.

pigsDOfly Sun 01-May-16 23:51:51

What are you actually using to groom her. I have a metal comb and a slicker brush.

My dog - long haired, double coat - is okay with the slicker brush but if I try to use the comb - sometimes it's easier on the fur near her ears - she gets quite cross about it.

I can only assume the comb pulls in some way that hurts her.

Perhaps you should try her with a different type of brush. Maybe ask the groomers what they use.

ScrotesOnFire Mon 02-May-16 10:46:22

Is she definitely in pain from the mats or you being a bit rough or is she just being a bit of a bitch..?
I find it a little odd that for 6 whole months she has been 'fine' and now she's suddenly hit adolescence and is getting snappy when you try and do something she doesn't want.
Second asking groomers what they use and how.

Deadnettle Mon 02-May-16 11:23:14

When my poodle puppy was about 6 months old she decided she didn't want to be brushed anymore. Like your pup she put her teeth to my skin but didn't bite. I can't say if your dog is the same as mine or not but mine was just testing whether she could get me to stop or not. She had had no bad experiences been groomed and was groomed daily with no problems before then. I put it down to adolescence.

I didn't stop no matter what she was doing and she gave up within a week and is now fine with grooming.

Deadnettle Mon 02-May-16 11:41:43

Just want to add my puppy was not stressed or hurt or anything, she simple did not want to stand there to be brushed.

alleypalley Mon 02-May-16 14:23:57

Thanks all. We had some success with using treats earlier, managed to comb both her front paws and ears, head and neck. Didn't want to push it too much so left it at that and will do some more later.

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