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Foster chihuahua

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doggydaft Thu 28-Apr-16 17:29:12

I have found myself with a wee foster Chihuahua.
He's 3, totally unsocialised, never been walked, scared of everything. Just wants to sit on my knee constantly. He's snappy and stressed sad
I have a very tolerant lab bitch who is mostly ignoring him. I think he'll be with me for a while. His elderly owner is in hospital and probably won't be able to have him back.
My plan is to treat him like I would a puppy with regards to behaviour/toilet training/socialising etc.
At home there's me, DH and two very dog savvy teens. I have plenty of dog experience but would welcome any useful advice, small breeds are new to me.
Hopefully we can teach him how to enjoy being a dog smile

Princesspeach1980 Fri 29-Apr-16 09:48:52

It's so sad that people seem to think chis don't need to be walked and socialised like any other dog. I have a 9 month old chi X jrt and he loves his walks, does at least 3 miles a day. We found when he was small, he really hated the cold and would have to be dragged out on his walks (in a nice waterproof coat) but we persevered for a few weeks and now he will walk in any weather. I think it's just persistence and not being put off by them not wanting to go.

I've found him very hard to train to commands, but he walks nicely, and has a good recall so I'm not too worried about the rest.

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