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How regular are dogs seasons?

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Karcheer Thu 28-Apr-16 13:54:07

My rescue bitch is three. She came into season this time last year. Which was her first season with us. I think she was in season the June the year before, as I suspect this contributed to the reason her 2nd owners wanted rid.

She came into season last year a day before I was due to go on holiday and caused me all sorts of logistical issues, bless her.

She is showing no real signs. My neutered boy dog might be showing her a bit more interest, but tbh I think I might be imagining it!

I'm due to go away in a few weeks time, and just trying to work out whether I'm going to have to find her an alternative holiday home (she's due to stay at my parents with their intact puppy male)...

I know my periods range for 24-27 days and if she was in season in June, then April that's 10 months, so really she should have been due in February if she was clockwork.

I know I'm asking how long is a piece of string...

Any nuggets of insight :/

Thank you!

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