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New dog, opinions please.

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Pippin8 Sun 24-Apr-16 18:38:30

We have pippin pup who is a Doberman, nearly 7 months old. She's just starting to calm down, training is going well & recall is good.

She loves other dogs, loves playing with them & going for long walks. She is in her element when we walk her with a friend's dog. We've always planned on getting another as think she'd thrive & we want 2 dogs.

Now we've visited a rescue today & been matched with a nearly 2 year bitch of a similar breed, so a good match intelligence & energy wise. We met her & she was sweet & had a lovely temperament. She's house trained, good with other dogs & children (DS is 16 anyway).

This bitch was handed in as the owners partner died & they could not afford to keep her or exercise her as they had to increase working hours to make ends meet.

We have an appointment to go back tomorrow with our girl & see how they get on.

Am I mad to do this as pippin pup is still so young??

Karcheer Sun 24-Apr-16 20:40:06

We got a rescue of the same breed when my male pup was 6 months, it was fine, nearly two years on they love each other to bits. The rescue bitch was two when we got her too.

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