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How long do you think they would have stayed there?

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moosemama Fri 15-Apr-16 20:56:15

I always put down some kibble in a green feeder or kong wobbler and a chew/treat or kong each for my dogs when I go on the school run. I get it all ready and put in down, then they sit and wait while I put my coat and boots on and I release them just before I go out.

I haven't been well this week and was particularly exhausted this afternoon. Got everything ready and set up, put my coat and boots on and went out. It was only when I go to the end of the drive I suddenly realised I hadn't given the dogs their release cue. blush

Ran back down the drive, let myself in and there were two very mournful faces staring intently at their food, having not moved an inch! grin

Poor boys! I felt so guilty that I nipped out the back and got them an extra chew each, before releasing them and racing up to the school.

How long do you reckon they'd have waited? I doubt they'd have managed the whole 20 minutes - well Lurcherboy wouldn't have lasted that long, as the poor boy was drooling when I got back and if he'd relented, then I reckon his mate would have followed suit. Not 100% sure though, as Pip will not touch his food until he gets the cue if I'm there, as there's been the odd occasion when he's not heard me and Lurcherboy has got stuck in before him, with him still sitting there looking hopeful.

FarrowandBallAche Sat 16-Apr-16 08:07:51

I don't know but I'm very impressed they waited till you came back even though it was as soon as you realised grin

moosemama Sat 16-Apr-16 09:42:09

I was impressed too! I haven't done any out-of-sight training since the youngest was a pup and he'll be three in a couple of months, so was pretty sure they'd scoff the lot if they didn't think I was looking.

It would seem I don't give them enough credit and should have more faith in them.

cuntinghomicidalcardigan Sat 16-Apr-16 09:47:47

Aw what good boys! Our 18 week old pup manages to wait until he is released... as long as that is the second you over your hand from the bowl. We are working on extending it! 😂

pigsDOfly Sat 16-Apr-16 10:00:57

That's really very impressive.

I've managed to teach my dog to wait for a release for a treat but occasionally she'll forget she's supposed to wait and just grab it.

I'm wondering how long it'll be before she works out that she gets the treat whether she waits or not; although I'm not sure she's that bright.

moosemama Sat 16-Apr-16 12:36:20

If it helps, I found Kikopup/Dogmantics methods for leave/wait really useful when Pip was a puppy.

Noitsnotteatimeyet Sat 16-Apr-16 12:44:00

Wow moose that's very impressive

On one of the gazillions of tv programmes about dogs recently there was an experiment in which dogs were asked to leave a treat on the floor

When all the lights were on so the dog could see the owner and the treat, none of the dogs moved, when the light was on the treat but the owners were in darkness, the dogs still stayed put as they realised the owner could still see them, however when all the lights were out 3 out of 4 dogs nabbed the food as they reckoned they could get away with it grin

Sounds like your two are in the very well-behaved minority smile

moosemama Sat 16-Apr-16 13:17:33

Well, they may be in the well-behaved minority with that particular situation, but they're no angels.

If you'd seen Lurcherboy sneaking up on the fat pigeons in our garden this morning - then doing one really loud 'WOOF!' at them to make them fly away, you may have an entirely different opinion of him - and he still can't resist nicking baked potato skins of the worktop either. It's the only thing he ever touches on the table or worktop. For some unknown reason, baked spud skins are like doggy crack to him. confused

Pip is generally a good lad too, but despite an awful lot of hard work, he is still scared of off-lead dogs, which results in him barking at them and we still can't leave him at home for longer than an hour without him screaming the place down - again, despite hundreds of hours of work around the behaviour. I suspect the universe orchestrated me taking him on, as I've had to learn to drive at the grand old age of 46, after successfully putting it off since I failed my first test aged 21, just so he can go everywhere with me. hmm

Oh - and he still grabs dh's back jeans pocket whenever he bends over to poo-pick the lawn. blush He doesn't do it to anyone else, just dh and never out on walks. I think dh must have reinforced it somehow when Pip was a puppy and the only way we can stop him is to have someone else out there with him who can distract and reward Pip as soon dh bends down!

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