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Question about Petlog

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SexLubeAndAFishSlice Wed 13-Apr-16 20:26:54

I looked on the FAQ on their website but couldn't find an answer. The Petlog premium is a one off payment of £16, is it £16 per pet or is it just a £16 payment no matter how many pets you have on an account? We have two dogs whose chips are being transferred to me from their rescues but our home address will need changing on them in a month or so as we're moving house.

Dieu Wed 13-Apr-16 21:24:39

I'm not sure OP, sorry. However if I'm not wrong, they also charge extra for address changes. So it might be worth waiting, and in the meantime attaching an ID tag to their collars.

Dieu Wed 13-Apr-16 21:25:40

And I would imagine it's £16 per chip/pet, but I could be wrong.

iwillbemrsminty Wed 13-Apr-16 21:31:59

My cats are registered with Petlog and I'm sure when I upgraded to Premium it was per microchip/animal.

iwillbemrsminty Wed 13-Apr-16 21:33:52

Forgot to say.... When you upgrade to Premium, you can update the contact details, address/ tel no. etc unlimited times for no charge. I have moved 5 times and I have updated the details each time with no problem at all smile

TheDogsCat Thu 14-Apr-16 01:47:59

It's per microchip. The premium fee just needs paid once per dog and lasts a lifetime though.

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