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Warning - Aquamat harnesses

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shadowfax07 Fri 08-Apr-16 00:56:57

Please, if you have an Aquamat harness, check your D-rings.

A friend who bought one at Crufts has tonight posted this on FB:

WARNING I bought Red pup a lovely new harness at Crufts from a company called Aquamat ( Watermaster Ltd t/a Aquamat). Having used it only twice (this first was only to try it on really) the D ring failed without warning. Thankfully we had used a double ended lead to his collar. Had I not, this could have meant my 4 month old pup playing with traffic! I have been in contact with the company as sadly these things happen, I have sent the harness back. They are now in possession of the harness (but not the D ring which mystically disappeared despite me putting it in the jiffy bag). They are now calling me a liar, have not replaced the harness and have not refunded any carriage costs. This is a small part time business run by father and daughter, they are not interested in your dogs safety and have poor customer service. Please don't buy from them, their products might let you down, and they certainly wont care about it! Feel free to share if you like I have all of the communications to back this up sad

She says in a later comment:

I did not complain about it initially as I gave them opportunity to do the right thing...

Rubydoobiesmum Fri 15-Apr-16 07:55:07

I always recommend Perfect Fit harnesses as you have the option of a front ring in addition to the one on the back

shadowfax07 Fri 15-Apr-16 15:45:09

I use Perfect Fit too, I much prefer the solid D rings on them.

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